Order not received / refused delivery has SKYROCKETED

It seems like FBA had some difficulty with the surge in orders over the holidays, because the amount of refunds in the past week or two have skyrocketed, with the majority of the reasons being not received/refused.

The refund rate has been a full 1% higher than usual the past week

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Ours hasn’t yet spiked nearly as high as I’ve often seen in the first two weeks of December in our historical data over the years that we’ve been Selling on Amazon (a 1% spike during that period of measurement, for us, hasn’t been particularly unusual over the last 5-6 years or so), but there do appear, to me, to be various early rumblings of the AFN once again being overwhelmed during Q4.

It’s still too early for me to properly connect all of the dots I believe that I see between the introduction of the low inventory fee, the heretofore historically rather-inept performance of the AWD/Upstream Program, and the still-lingering disruptive effects upon the Global Commerce supply-chain wrought by the COVID-19 Crisis scare - but I remain somewhat trepid that more reports like yours will proliferate in the coming weeks.

Seeing the same. A number of Damaged in Transit as well which is highly unusual.

I also had an order on my buyer account that was refunded for refused delivery.

There’s no option for me to refuse a delivery.

Yes, we have entire boxes that have been delivered and no movement on receiving.

However this one has me scratching my head. Other boxes have half the items received, and the other half not. This after a week has passed.

We now have a large (volume) item for us that is OOS (Out of Stock) even though we sent units in different shipments over a two day period. We are now preparing a third shipment.

Hope they find them before the Low Volume Tax starts!

Happens every year around this time.

We get 4-12 INR’s from Jan - Oct. Then about 20 from Nov-Dec.


I don’t do sales and my products aren’t seasonal, so the only reason for the increase in these issues is purely on FBA.

They obviously cut corners in order to push through more volume, and also the thieving employees/contractors usually act up around this time more because they know the holiday rush lowers the odds that their activities will be detected.


Refused delivery is a joke and I’ve written about it numerous times here and on the OSFE.

Nobody is refusing anything (buyers). 99.9% of consumers don’t even know that Amazon has dropped something off. They never ring the bell and by the time you get the Alexa notification or email (if you have that set up), the van is LONG GONE…

ETA - LMFAO… Look what I just got. The first is INR FBA, the next is REFUSED DELIVERY…

I have unshipped FBA (prime) orders whose EDDs keep creeping later and later, while they still sit. No email notices, either. :eyes:

Once it’s on the 2nd delay the chances it gets shipped goes way down

These items were all well in stock, some sold by Amazon. That’s…not a great look.