Out of policy returns

Auto authorized Return for item bought 54 days ago

Have any of you seen this before?
Amazon is auto-authorizing returns that are past 30 days.

Would this still happen if the OP had manually closed the return after 30 days?

I think this has to be a CS initiated event but yeah, it sucks! Maybe a Safe-t claim would even it out but it never does :rage:

CS would probably just open an A-Z for the buyer. Just passing the problem down the line until the seller finally gets the bend over.

Charge a restocking fee only allows 50%

And if the item is returned in its original condition Amazon Guidelines for charging restocking fees only allows for 20%.

Thankfully the customer can not longer leave negative feedback.

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And after this time the return probably sat in the back of someone’s pickup truck for several rain storms. :rofl:

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Harvest plaid orange fabric (doesn’t work), strange fabric choice in April?

Be interesting to know what type of shape it’s in; definitely wouldn’t do anything until it arrives.


Bryce was quick to respond, so we shall see what he comes back with.

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They seem to have released a ton of bad code the Friday before Memorial day weekend (bots gone wild, Your account is at risk of deactivation, etc…). I would not be surprised if this is part of it.

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