package size FBA has decided my 1/2 inch thick item is actually over an inch thick

How do I get FBA to check and adjust the size tier on a product?

I think if you search in the help for cubiscan or cubic scan it will give you a link to request a rescan of your item weight and dimensions.

Thanks I’ll try that.

I actually created this product and packaged it such that it would be less than 0.7 of an inch thick so that I could avoid having it classed as Large standard. My main product that is twice the price is Large standard and there is no way I can package it smaller. This new product Should be and was classed as Small Standard up until March 13th of this year.

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Ok so when I went in to request the cubiscan, Amazon was acting really glitchy. Like I would be stuck and the NEXT button wouldn’t do anything. Or at one point it gave me a “we can’t do that at this time error”
When it did finally create a case for this, it looks like it did it twice but within the same case.

Sigh. Looking like I may have to bite the bullet and buy stayflat envelopes instead of using the poly bags since they must be inflating them before scanning in order to get a 1.1 inch size out of something that I can stack 50 of them in a 12 inch high box.

I know the poly bags easy puff up or get rumpled up and cause issues in measurement.
AND In my niche, reducing the amount of plastic used would actually be a great thing.