Patterns to fraudulent INR's?


We all know that most INR’s through Amazon are attempts to get free stuff.

Has anyone else noticed certain patterns to these INR’s?

I tend to get them between 1am and 4am EST (which makes me wonder why they are up that late if they live in the US)

The buyers name does not match the shipping address name (drop shippers).

The messages are all the same and will come 1-2 days after the end of the delivery range or within 1 hour of being scanned delivered.

Any patterns anyone else see?

Look a dozen time zones to your west to find the most-likely answer as to exactly why this has long been a phenomenon, even before the dot-com bubble burst.

Alcohol may be a factor. :tropical_drink:

And since it is 4:56:30 EDT here, no worries with that here!

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As you are probably aware, whether you are likely to get INR’s is related to what the product is.

If you are looking for a pattern, consider looking at your product mix, what products are getting INR’s and how they differ from products which do not get INR’s. Eliminate any packaging and carrier issues and determine whether those products are good business or not.

There are dishonest people in this world. But they do not buy all products and scam the seller. They choose what they buy with value, and ease of resale in mind.


never had that pattern surprisingly enough.

Perhaps all of your products appeal to some scamming buyers. It could happen.

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My favorite is when the receiver contacts us directly asking why they paid $125 for the item when the receipt says $75. I then ask where they purchased it. Of course it’s some shady website and I explain they basically got legally scammed. Then I get an INR on the item, It used to be a 50/50 when I explained they were a drop shipper I might win an A-Z I might not. (Use Amazon buy shipping now, as it is finally worth it

We used to include our phone number on Amazon receipts, that was the #1 reason we stopped. I got sick of people calling us because someone sent them a gift or they got drop shipped too.

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Just gotta say, that’s 10pm-1am on the West Coast. A lot of casual consumers do their shopping (or delivery checking) in that time period after dinner+chores and before bed.

However, I do suspect that your shoppers usually aren’t casual consumers.

And sidebar, I personally am regularly “up that late” EST…especially after all the bouts of c19 I’ve had. Sleep is a battle. :persevere:

I should probably rephrase it. I have had orders to NY sent INR messages at that time. The last one went to NYC and I got the INR at 3am. It was delivered a week prior.

Got the standard

“I did not receive my item. I received other AMAZON orders in that time but I did not get this item”

This is word for word a typical INR message I have received 10x

I always send back the template and 99/100 times never hear back.


What is," THE TEMPLATE," again? I need to save it in my frequently used emails.


Your order was shipped to this address per the information in your Amazon order:
{shipping address we saved in quickbooks because you know it’s gone 3 days after you ship}

If this is not your address please know there is nothing we can do. Per Amazon rules we are not allowed to ship to any address other than the one provided with the order.

If you did not receive it please follow Amazon’s Faq for where’s my stuff:

If your tracking information shows that your package was delivered, and you don’t receive the package: missing package

Wait a bit—often the package will show up by the end of the day
See if someone else accepted delivery
Look around the delivery location
Look for a notice of attempted delivery
Contact the carrier

You will have to contact your local post office, If we contact USPS our local post office replies and they will have no information on it.
If you are unable to locate your package we will file a complaint with the Postal Inspectors. The package is confirmed delivered therefore if you did not receive it, it was stolen or tampered with. Please cooperate in their investigation.

The full tracking information is below:



{copy and paste shipment tracking from USPS website}

Thank you

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Thank you!

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This was just posted… :dizzy_face:

Buyer Fraud on INR claim

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I’m trying to wrap my head around the situation (I largely agree with the advice you offered in the NSFE, btw), but it would be nice to understand more of the details.

groceriesandmor - who has been around for years, but unseen in the OSFE for quite some time - states that the buyer & recipient were different, which would seem to imply either a Gift Order, or a DropShipper - but the apparent indication of having been separately in contact with both parties, combined w/ what the recipient purportedly implied re: returning a Walmart-purchased item, has me scratching me wee little noggin…


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It sounds like a drop shipper. Perhaps the drop shipper has the OPs listing/offer copied on Walmart and when they received an order on Walmart they placed the order on Amz to DS to the Walmart customer.

The customer would’ve had to open a return request through Walmart. The DS didn’t want to lose the $$ so they filed an INR with Amazon and kept the funds and the returned item. :thinking: