Paypal - Not Receiving 2FA Verification Code

I last purchased a label through Paypal/Shipstation about 10 days ago. 2FA was fine. Yesterday I did not receive the 6-digit code. I researched on Google similar problems with others, tried their ideas (including confirming I don’t have any short numbers blocked), and still cannot get the 6-digit code. I have since received 2FA codes from numerous other sites so not sure it is a Verizon issue. I plan to call Paypal support tomorrow morning but was hoping someone here had already figured this out.

As a side note, I stopped receiving texts from Amazon on Oct 11 for orders received. Confirmed my profile number was correct and simply changed it to emails until I had time for my non-technological brain to figure it out. Related? No idea.

When signing into PayPal, there is an option to get the code OR you can sign in with a password. We suggest using the password option and then check the phone number for the code on the account.

If you have an iPhone, Apple has had 2 IOS updates recently. We would also check your settings since you are having issues receiving notifications. If needed, you could also clear your blocked number list.

If you find the issue, please come back and post so that others might have a reference when (if) it happens to them.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Good Morning:

Thank you for replying. Yes, it is an iPhone. I have checked, and notifications are on for both Amazon and Paypal. I cleared the blocked number list, turned the phone on and off and tried Paypal again–nothing.

I will let everyone know when I figure this out. In the meantime, please keep the ideas coming.

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After fretting for 2 days (sometimes it is so hard to call companies and get help (think: cable company, Dell, etc.), I called Paypal at 6:01 am this morning and was connected with a human after a few basic questions. Ed took a few moments, but was able to fix my problem, offered to wait while I confirmed all was well, and patiently stayed on the line while I checked things out. Not only was everything fixed, but I was happy enough to ask for a manager so that I could tell them how helpful he was.


Paypal has always had helpful phone support when needed. eBay at one point too, but I gather that has been abused and now is almost as bad as Amazon.

Glad you got this resolved! Did they give you any indication about what it was?

I also use 2 factor on my paypal, but use the authentication app and enter rolling codes when prompted.


Nope. I was so excited it was fixed, I didn’t ask for details.

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