[PCmag] Amazon Limits Authors to Self-Publishing 3 Books Per Day Amid Flood of AI Garbage


3 per day * tons of people doing this * multiple seller accounts for some of those people = a lot of trash.

Should be 1 per month. Who writes 3 books a day except chatGPT?

A kindle author claims that Amazon is getting 5,800 new kindle titles per month.

The AI generated books may be better than some of the human authors.

Like everything else on Amazon, there are gurus who teaching techniques to get reviews, and promote books. My inbox is full of free kindle book offers. Bookfunnel exists to provide mostly free kindle books. Bookbub, Hello Books, StoryOrigins offer free books.

As for 3 books/day, the definition of a book is very loose. Some authors are offering short stores which count as a book and when on KindleUnlimited receive the same payment as a full sized novel.

One author I hear from says 60% of his revenue is from KU, and KU pays well under $1 per book.

The overwhelming feeling I get about the kindle world is that it is full of all the same crap as everything else Amazon. Policies, bots, schemers, crooks. They are even suspending authors for review manipulation. But most kindle authors who self-publish are manipulating reviews.

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Now I want to put together a random word generator and see what kind of sales I can get from “lorem ipsum”. :slight_smile:

One might be surprised to find that such an approach actually works to generate sales in Our Modern World.

The GAN creators apparently don’t realize it yet (they’re about to, however), but their whole business model is based on a time-worn concept:

“If ya can’t bedazzle them with brilliance, baffle `em with bullshît…”

Yeah, but when I check out books from the library, I can spend 40 minutes making up my mind what to read. I’m even less likely to pick up a BS kindle book that I have to pay for.


I’m waiting for the headline “Zookeeper Gave Word Processors to the Monkeys and Scored a Best Selling Novel.”

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Coming soon to a theater near you… :money_mouth_face: :unamused:

99 monkeys writing on an AI bot … one wrote a book and now he’s not …
98 monkeys writing on an AI bot … another one wrote a book and now he’s not …
97 monkeys now shaking their head … monkey painting is more fun instead …
97 monkeys are back to jumping on the bed … splattering the walls and ceiling with shades of red …

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What are the chances that AI is involved in nationwide outages of various satellite-provided services being reported after 2:00 PM EST 21Sep`23?

Even WWV & WWVH aren’t responding to our systems which query them, in some cases; I’ve yet to see any news coverage of this event, but I suspect it’s coming…


Lots of services all glitching around 2p–even UNusual suspects. :thinking:

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When Kindle free books first became available, I ordered five books to see what I might get. I deleted each one no further than page 3 because the writing was that bad. Convoluted sentences, no discernible editing, and cliches galore.

Can the AI-generated books be any worse than the wannabe-authors’ pap? Are the authors who use AI the same illiterates who wrote those awful free Kindle books?

At least it doesn’t go into a landfill.

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