Pending refund disappearing repeatedly

I sold an item and it was returned damaged/unsaleable. I emailed the buyer letting her know that I will only be refunding 50%.

I did a 50% restocking fee, and it said “Refund Pending”. A few hours later, the “Refund Pending” status disappeared and it was as if I never made a refund.

The buyer filed an AZ and again, I issued a 50% refund. It went to ‘Refund Pending’ Status. Again few hours later, the status disappeared and it as if I never made a refund.

A third time I issued a refund and same repeats. Pending and then disappears.

Any advice on how to make the refund go through successfully? I am afraid that Amazon may do a 100% refund. Thanks.

So to be clear, even though you initiated a 50% refund, it never cleared and issued?

I’m not certain, but wondering if it was due to a problem with the payment method (card) where Amazon tried to apply the refund?

Honestly, I would open a case and see what they say. It might be a glitch on their end.

Correct. I issued a refund 4 times and just initiated it a 5th time. Seller Support has been of no help.I am afraid that some CS rep at Amazon may make a 100% refund. The item was worth $1100, so half of that is $550.


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Your fear is real. It is a sad day when we as sellers do the right thing and are worried we will get smacked.

Hopefully, you took pictures of the return box before opening it (showing return label etc) when you received and then the contents as you opened the return box. Attaching an image to the 50% refund is a requirement (see below).

  • What was the reason for the return? … Was it because it was damaged when received by the buyer?
  • Was Amazon Buy Shipping used? … If not, did you have a signature required for delivery?

Issue a partial refund

To charge a restocking fee, click on the Charge restocking fee link under the Amount to refund column.

  • You will be required to grade the condition of the returned item in order to charge a restocking fee. In the Grade condition of returned item section, grade the condition of the Item, accessories, and packaging returned.
  • For returns accepted outside of the return window, select Item shipped outside of return window.
  • Based on the item’s condition, you may have the option to issue a partial refund by charging a restocking fee. Restocking fee must be in accordance to the Guidelines for charging restocking fees policy.
  • For restocking fee greater than or equal to 20%, you will be required to upload a photo of the damaged, defective, or materially different item.
  • You must select the most accurate item condition from the Description drop-down. You also have an option to add more details about the returned item in the Comments section, which is optional. However, if you select Other from the drop-down, Comments section becomes mandatory.

Guidelines for charging restocking fees

Maybe the two links we provided will have that little gem of info which will help the refund go through.


The possibility of a chargeback
  • Another thought … if the 50% refund goes through, you may still experience a charge back claim (especially when considering the dollar amount involved). This would be a different hassle to defend against and you may want to research how others have defended against.

I wake up today and tried processing the refund again. An hour later,50% was refunded. I do not have an explanation of why it went through, but glad it.

For documentation purposes not only did I take lots of pics of the shipping box and damaged contents BUT also made a video showing everything. I uploaded the video on Amazon-Photos and shared the link in buyer-seller emails as well as the ticket I opened with CS. Since Amazon-Photos has an URL it does NOT get stripped from email contents,

Thanks everyone for all your suggestions.


Thanks for this insight. I’m going to borrow it next time I encounter a scammer.