Post Office Internet Down and Scanner Broken

So our one and only Post Office had their internet down today and on top of that their scanner was down. Local distribution center sent another scanner which the post office clerk just needed to sign in with her credentials and scan the items. Normally, everything is clock work.

Tonight we decided to check and every package that went out today doesn’t show in the system as accepted (even though we watched her scan the items in front of us). Normally, the local distribution center will show a scan through so we hope it happens tonight or even just after midnight. At least we will have a scan within the ship by dates.

If the distribution center does it normal, then the first scan should be “arrived at” (local distribution) before midnight and shortly after midnight “departed from” (local distribution).

Wondering if Amazon will recognized those packages as shipped with the distribution scans?

Yes, they should.


I wonder if the scans will get upload once the scanner reconnects to the internet. I have had scans not show up on the tracking until about 12 hours later. Check the tracking that night, shows nothing, I worry, but then when I check it the next morning, it shows an acceptance scan at 4pm the night before.


The new scanners do not need internet to connect as they report via mobile signal. The packages finally did report about one hour before the distribution scans (shows as scanned 4 hours after our Post Office closed). Because the scan time was wrong, it was probably an issue with the post clerk setting the time wrong or some setting when she signed into the borrowed scanner. This mornings scans showed as being done at 6:30am when normal would be a little after 9:00am.

They got into the system … so our concerns have been calmed.