Prime day in Practice

So THAT’s how it works when you see something you want, and then wait for a Prime day discount…


Yeah, most of prime day has been, YAWN


I’ve seen quite a few threads on, well, Threads, Twitter, Facebook and Reddit talking about how Amazon (most still think everything on Amazon is AMAZON) bumps prices then puts things on sale, so Prime Day is a scam.

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Looks like Amazon missed ethics class.

Guess all the black hats learned from the master.

This is reprehensible and I’m actually somewhat shocked.

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Let me fix that for you:

m̵o̵s̵t̵ ̵s̵t̵i̵l̵l̵ ̵t̵h̵i̵n̵k̵ ̵e̵v̵e̵r̵y̵t̵h̵i̵n̵g̵ ̵o̵n̵ AMAZON IS A̵M̵A̵Z̵O̵N̵)̵ ̵b̵u̵m̵p̵s̵ ̵p̵r̵i̵c̵e̵s̵ ̵t̵h̵e̵n̵ ̵p̵u̵t̵s̵ ̵t̵h̵i̵n̵g̵s̵ ̵o̵n̵ ̵s̵a̵l̵e̵,̵ ̵s̵o̵ ̵P̵r̵i̵m̵e̵ ̵D̵a̵y̵ A SCAM.

Honestly most “big day” sales are scams/exactly like this.

Yeah there will be a few true deals, but even Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the same.


Not seeing this in my category. Us and our “friends” are running legit and aggressive deals.

We ended up not comping last year but got a lot closer than I thought we would considering the major headwinds we are facing right now with search / lack of the Amazon’s Choice badge we should / did have on our best seller.

According to SAS - the reason we don’t have it is because our competitor has a brand store, variations, videos.

1 of those boxes is checked. The other 2 will be checked in a couple weeks. Wondering what the excuse will be after that.

I’ll give you an example of how PD deals can work.

Last week, we moved from the 2nd spot in the potency of our best seller to #3 for the first time in almost 2 years. This is due to search being messed up and the fact that we refuse to flush all of our margin down the toilet on PPC like they do.

That competitor was 6 spots ahead of us in the top 100. They didn’t run a PD deal. Today, we are 63 spots ahead of them in the top 100 and only 4 spots away from the Amazon’s Choice product that is on deal right now.

BTW - both of those competitors (different brands of the same thing) - are from the same slimy seller. They created that second brand, losing $ on every sale, just to try and take us out and protect their #1 brand.

Obviously 2 days mean nothing. Who cares where we are for 2 days. The algorithms care on growth trend / BSR.

Amazon’s check systems are broken on PD / 7-day deals. We intentionally scheduled a limited time deal on this listing for next week to keep the pressure on and it got approved even though the price is higher than our PD deal. (30 day period)

So some of these “scams” you are seeing right now are Amazon’s fault with their busted algorithms that allow this ■■■■ to happen.


It’s all junk, even when a TV or PC is an extreme discount there is a reason. It’s all a scam to bring in customers like the old bait and switch tactics.

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Not all, I agree


Trust me they are far from the only one. BJ’s will raise the price on items then offer a Coupon that you have to cut out or load onto your card.
Quite a few items there I buy regularly and I noticed the price increase was the same as the coupon.

Kohls has the digital price things so they can change the price all the time


Referring to my AC woes, which have gotten stupider, I reordered a unit off Amazon that I had bought previously, Sold By Amazon, the price had gone up exactly the amount of the Prime Day discount they were offering since I bought the first one a couple months ago. I was not impressed.


Just received a letter about a class action suit for my local grocery store. Seems they have record of me buying Spirits & Wine :smirk:

Apparently the store lost the law suit for doing this exact thing and their advertising practices.

Now I just have to go through 1000s of online receipts to find my Captain & wine purchases so I can make $70. I only need 61 receipts, so that should be easy.


I used Helium 10 for all my prime day purchases to see if I was actually get a “deal” or not. Several of the products had their price raised just prior to prime day.


§ 233.1 Former price comparisons.

(a) One of the most commonly used forms of bargain advertising is to offer a reduction from the advertiser’s own former price for an article. If the former price is the actual, bona fide price at which the article was offered to the public on a regular basis for a reasonably substantial period of time, it provides a legitimate basis for the advertising of a price comparison. Where the former price is genuine, the bargain being advertised is a true one. If, on the other hand, the former price being advertised is not bona fide but fictitious—for example, where an artificial, inflated price was established for the purpose of enabling the subsequent offer of a large reduction—the “bargain” being advertised is a false one; the purchaser is not receiving the unusual value he expects. In such a case, the “reduced” price is, in reality, probably just the seller’s regular price.

– Title 16 Chapter I subchapter B part 233 section 233.1

“The FTC considers it deceptive to offer an item for sale at a higher price for a short period of time in order to support a claim that an item is discounted when the price is then lowered,” Thomson Reuters Practical Law states.

The FTC has not taken action to enforce these regulations since the Nixon administration. As a result, businesses are liable to class action lawsuits or enforcement by individual state regulators. For instance, in 2017, the advocacy group Consumer Watchdog asked the FTC to look into deceptive pricing by Amazon. Consumer Watchdog’s analysis found that in 61% of products with reference prices, Amazon’s reference prices were higher than prices for the same product in the previous 90 days.

“Consumer Watchdog argued that the deceptive list prices make Amazon prices look like a bargain, and asked the FTC to stop Amazon from buying Whole Foods while the deceptive discounting is occurring,” reported Reuters.

I think it is probably just a tiny little bit illegal. :man_shrugging: maybe…

Yum… Looking forward to my 6 shots of this tonight to wind down from Prime Day… Haha


Dat is what I have been seeing…a joke of a sale…

Last day was fantastic for me…300% increase in sales.


Sold 1,770 units during the 2 days. Almost exactly flat to LY.

With everything we are up against right now with search being jacked up - we will take it.

Looking at this, obviously it was a strong event for Amazon overall.

Back to reality today… :rofl:

We saw an increase on Walmart with matching deals for Walmart+ week but not a significant increase over normal. I suspect it was a lift for Wally World in the neighborhood of 30-35%.

We did not participate in the full 4 days on Walmart with the fear of LOW PRICE Errors on Amazon so that could be part of it.



That would be rotten, new, low, even for Alexa…

I’m POSITIVE they would have tagged us for this.

Walmart does it when we run 7-day deals on Amazon but not Walmart. They don’t shut you down though. Just warn you.