Prime Exclusive Deals are where it's at!


Who wants to pay regular when you can buy it at the Prime Exclusive price?!

Yeah I have seen a few of those or they are the same price deal vs regular price.

Once again, Amazon fails at simple math


This might happen when Sellers are simultaneously running a Prime/PBD promotion and a repricer, where the repricer matches competitors’ offers, but the competitors have better promotions. :woman_facepalming:


I think you’re right!

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I’d like to see the code that decided $128.99 is a savings of 19% over $119.99. :thinking:

Here it is:

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…but orange

This isn’t my cat but it might as well be…

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BTW - Ollie is all over me so much while I am trying to work that I now leave a YouTube cat video with fish swimming across the screen on one of my monitors so he can smash the screen for hours at a time and then fall asleep on my lap.


I shall keep a good thought in mind for the safety of your elderly Angel Fish… :wink:

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