Product reviews made by my buyer account are being erased from Chinese sellers.

Left a few negative reviews on products that fell apart after 1 use or in a few days, all Chinese companies.

You remember how in the old forums I stated I was contacted directly by one company, then my feedback of that company was removed.
Well now my product reviews have been removed.

Those companies spend a ton of money on trying to remove negative reviews but eventually it’s a zero sum game - they won’t survive unless they fix QC issues and actually provide value - which they can easily do if they put a little thought into it.

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My questions is how are they getting these reviews removed, spending money or not, unless they are bribing someone.

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If they can prove you’re a competitor, it can be done.

There are ways to get things removed, and China seems to know the way around all Amazon regulations.

What AGenuineForumUser said

Also they hound customers through some append service(s) or an insider and then bribe them up to $50-$100 - highly litigious $hit as far as amazon but success rate is is 10-20% - either change the review or remove it.

That sounds like bribing someone ;p

Also, I’m pretty sure you didn’t remove the review.

I’m also pretty sure you aren’t a direct competitor.

No, but I’m just saying that I’ve had vengeful competitors before and I’ve gotten their reviews removed.

I know it’s possible to get reviews removed, although I imagine it can’t be easy even at the best of times. However, in the case of the OP the normal removal criteria don’t seem to apply, which means that either it is possible to get legitimately reviews removed by means to which I am not aware, or these sellers are up to some illegitimate shady shit. Considering they are selling crap worthy of such reviews, it wouldn’t surprise me, but I am surprised that Amazon doesn’t put more effort into cracking down on the corruption within its own company.

The magnitude of the site, yields a magnitude of corruption which exceeds the investment Amazon is willing to make in stamping it out.

With all eyes on Amazon quarterly results, every expense that can be eliminated or deferred is likely to be.

I have little doubt that even the NSFE was justified based on some fictional cost savings.

When you open a retail store surrounded by brothels, that has an impact on the successful buying experience for that location.


You know if you have 4 friends click the “Abuse” button on a review the bots take it down right?

We’ve done it a few times for reviews that were completely fake and bullshit. Works like a charm. The trick is to do a click every 7-10 days. If you do it all at once, you’re guaranteed to get busted.

I don’t suggest trying it though because it’s a risk but I highly suspect that’s how @Thelunatick 's reviews were zapped.

We’ve done it bc we have SAS to appeal to if we get in trouble and a AHS that can take some hits.

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Seeing how many disposable account the PRC has, this is not a shock that’s how it works

No that just limits what you can sell.