Promise Optimization (PO) Auto Opt-In

I am pretty sure that I got this “special” email before and immediately opted out. This time I had to actually opt out by adding my merchant token into a Qualtrics Survey page.

(Leave it to Amazon to do things in such a convoluted way! :roll_eyes: )

Not trusting them to opt me out, I went into Seller Central and searched for Promise Optimization to see if there was anything in my settings that I could toggle. Didn’t find anything but had a giggle with their recommended solution suggestion. :laughing:

Screenshot 2024-03-21 154022


Oh for the love of puppies!


Yepper; it’s been a trend for several years now-passed which you and I have discussed in passing before right here in the SAS:

When such opt-out functionality first became the norm, ca. 2018, much ink was spilt in explaining why it was so - but even efforts by this or that member of the FMT-CMT in subsequent years have largely gone unheeded, as this 21Mar`24 NSFE discussion illustrates:

I thought we weren’t supposed to share any sensitive info in those surveys. I’m shocked that Amazon wanted it done this way - outside of their universe.


Merchant token isn’t sensitive. Anyone can see any seller’s token.


As far as certain of the well-siloed Amazon teams are concerned, Qualtrics is part of the Amazon Universe, as KJ pointed out in this 24Jan2022 topic-opening post to a now-vanished OSFE thread:


That’s true and I’ve been told this before. LOL

I need some sleep.


And of course, the only way to get there (at least in many of the past instances; haven’t seen this one yet) was to click a link IN AN EMAIL, which even Amazon, in almost all of their references in help files, tells us not to do as it’s a security risk for phishing scams.

I just hate the fact that so many things are opt-out, rather than opt-in, especially when they make the opt-out so difficult. The only time things should be changed without an opt-in is when it’s due to changes in laws or policy; in which case there is no opt-out anyway.


I searched and got the same recommendation. I wonder how many people took the suggestion.


Exactly. Auto-enrolling anyone into an elective service or program is beyond smarmy.

I wonder if the FTC case looking at Amazon Prime enrollments on the Buyer side will have any effect on auto-enrollments/default opt-ins on the Seller side. :crossed_fingers: