PSA: Watch your shipping labels tonight/tomorrow

I just printed a few labels for shipping tomorrow and on every one, the default option that came up auto-selected was ‘First Class’. Not sure if it’s just an odd coincidence, but keep a close eye on them if you’re shipping tomorrow so you don’t mistakenly buy First-Class when you actually want Ground Advantage.


Same thing. I had to keep changing to Ground advantage and it was the same price.

I keep saying Amazon could screw up a moist nightmare.


I have had this happening from time to time. I asked at the local Post Office, they said it is fine with them.

The odd thing is First Class is one or two days faster (as indicated by Amazon) from our cost to the west coast.

I have a feeling Ground Advantage, is going to turn into a much slower service at some point. My postmaster always pushed Priority over Parcel Post. I was fine with that the price was very close. The delivery time faster.

Again, what Amazon reports we all know may not have any connection to reality.

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It’s been that way since May, haven’t you noticed? :wink:

I posted about it in one of the other USPS discussions, I can’t remember which one off hand. You probably recall my mentioning that Buy Shipping used 5 days as the transit times for first-class for me to every destination, even right across the street. It was that way for years. But then they changed it, and suddenly…

  • The east coast switched to 3 days. :open_mouth:
  • The middle of the country was 4 days
  • Local destinations were two days, if I remember correctly, and CA was 3 days.

It almost made sense. I kept waiting for them to change it back, but they never did. I was hoping they’d program Ground Advantage the same, but they didn’t. :frowning:

Oh well, back to the too-long 5 days we’re used to. :laughing:

My postmaster always pushed Priority over Parcel Post. I was fine with that the price was very close. The delivery time faster.

@Lost_My_Marbles and I have been comparing notes on delivery times since May and before GA was implemented we both observered ‘Parcel Select’ packages being delivered in 2-3 days. In the last year or so, it wasn’t the same ride-on-the-back-of-a-snail service it had previously been.


This is randomly happening to me too. I wish they would be done with FC altogether unless there is some other use for it at this time. I thought GA was going to replace it altogether for packages.


I was under a similar impression, but our friend Marbles posted something this AM, in a related SAS/SellersAskSellers thread, that has made me reconsider my initial notion:

There’s been a good deal of informed speculation - here, there, everywhere, regarding the possibility of the USPS belated extension of the Ground Advantage Grace Period until 31Oct`23 having been undertaken at Amazon’s behest.

I tend to agree, in the main, with that theory, so it won’t surprise me if it turns out that we’ve not yet seen the last of various tweakings by both Amazon & the USPS.

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USPS extended the First Class package acceptance grace period to October 31? Or is it just a possibility at this point?

It did indeed:


Thank you!

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This may seem odd, but I’ve long noticed, even with Media Mail, that orders going cross-country (for me, shipping to west coast from the east coast) will arrive faster than ones going to the middle of the country. I suspect that, even though they say “ground”, anything going more than 1000 miles or so gets put on a plane; closer likely goes by truck.

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Yep … but would drop it to more than 700 miles …

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I accidentally used one of these First Class labels last Monday and didn’t catch it until I went to put on the package. USPS still delivered four days later, so appears they are still accepting them.

More annoying than Amazon defaulting to First Class is they didn’t offer Media Mail/Bound Printed Matter options and decided a package mailing from Florida on 10/02 couldn’t make it to NY by 10/10 (again with the postal holiday screwing up their buy shipping calculations)… :roll_eyes:


I think that you are correct. I had reached the same conclusion from here in southern California.

If I watch tracking, orders to the western or central part of the country hop their way across at 1000 or 1500 miles per day. But packages sent to the east coast appear once in Los Angeles, then pop up one day later in some east coast city that has a big airport and a USPS sort facility.

It seems that rural Arkansas is slowest of all.


Oh, I always watch my shipping labels at night…

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I still ship first class, it shows 2 days sooner than Ground Advantage on every shipment. It also prints correctly for me, where as Ground Advantage gives me the printing issue like many have.
Its been extended so its still fine to use First Class.

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I still ship first class, it shows 2 days sooner than Ground Advantage on every shipment.

The dates you see for each service have little connection to reality. If you choose a first-class label, the package will arrive on the exact same day as if you’d bought a Ground Advantage one. The fact that Buy Shipping presents FC as arriving 2 days sooner is simply Amazon’s faulty programming.

I’m curious about your statement that you see 2 days sooner on every shipment though. I try to stay on top of what Buy Shipping is ‘thinking’ and, for most of us, we only see 2-days sooner on cross-country shipments. For closer destinations, FC and GA show either the same delivery date, or a 1-day difference. If your experience is different, that would be very interesting. Can you let us know?

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Agree … and USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate seems to be the “exact same day” for anything up to Zone 5 (and some Zone 6).

From here in middle Earth (excuse me … middle of nowhere USA), FCP and GA are always the same. Then again, most of what we ship is Zone 5 or Zone 6 to either coast as we are in the middle of nowhere USA. Some Zone 7 and Zone 8 may see a difference of a day … but that is rare.

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