Purchase Driver

I’m afraid to click on links in emails. Is this an Amazon program? Is it free? Should I click on the link?

This is the first I’m hearing about a “Purchase Driver Program,” but it smacks of the same recent developments available via the Brand Registry 2.0 Program’s Brand Analytics functionalities (Customer Loyalty Dashboard, etc.).

If you are not a member of B.R. 2.0, this might be an indication that similar functionalities are being extended to our Seller Community @ large.

If you would care to supply the URL embedded URL of that ‘button’ I’ll be glad to take a look & see if I can determine more about this - but @ any rate, I’ll be surprised if there is not some cost (should this actually prove to be legitimate), @ least after waht could be an initial ‘grace period’ designed to gin up interest.

Thank you! It’s Purchase Driver

How do I know if I am a member of B.R. 2.0?

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You are most welcome. my friend.

The URL you provided (broken for Discourse display below):

http: //go.amazonsellerservices.com/e/229492/opportunity-explorer/7y2gzkk/4736523622/h/W9zT6dbGpXrXhsZnIxHVXW8pXHcRAsXJ3dnT4Rza0as

is simply redirecting to the Opportunity Explorer Dashboard (again ‘broken’ for Discourse) here:

https: //sellercentral.amazon.com/opportunity-explorer

Opportunity Explorer has been a feature for some time now, as mentioned in a few News Headlines since this past summer with the same title touting webinar training on the functionality - the most recent being 11Sep`23’s Identify customer demand for new products with Opportunity Explorer (link, Seller Central).

I haven’t looked @ that Dashboard this month, so this is the first I’m seeing of this blurb being present @ the top:

That blurb, @ least for me, doesn’t include any information on how to “Try it out” - but as is implied in the text of the email you’ve received, it appears to be a further attempt in Amazon’s ongoing zeal to utilize AI-automated mechanisms to “ease” the burden; I’m guessing that it hasn’t fully rolled out - and that, by virtue of having received that email, you have been selected as one of the guinea pigs.

At any rate, Opportunity Explorer is a legitimate Amazon-hosted functionality - similar to what used to be known as “Selling Coach” - but in my experience, it’s always advisable to leaven such recommendations with a hefty grain of salt.

If you haven’t applied for the Brand Registry Program - which requires a USPTO-registered trademark for the U.S., and is available in other nations, as highlighted in the SHC’s (“Seller Help Content”) Enrollment guidelines for accepted trademark offices (link) - then you are not presently a member of the program.

I only have the brand waiver.

ETA: Oh, I see it! It’s beta! There’s a tab when we click on niche details.

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I see - not being a Handmade Artisan, I’m not fully versed on what the Brand Waiver exemption fully entails, although ever since Amazon’s execrable decision to expose the OSFE’s Closed Handmade Forum w/ the advent of the NSFE, and the equally-inexplicable decision to forego having such a private refuge within that abomination, I’ve seen some complaints from well-respected Artisans that the Brand Waiver may have been eviscerated.

ETA: Just saw your addition, posted while I was crafting this post:

which reinforces this notion:

Thankfully, the SAS Staff didn’t follow Amazon’s suit in opening our Handmade Forum to all and sundry, so I can’t participate there - but it might be advisable for you to make a related post there to find out if any of those crackerjack experts have additional information.