question about returns

A repeat customer bought a bracelet for a friend, but it was too small and the friend broke a hook trying to get it to fit.

Customer filed a return request. I approved and sent a prepaid label.

Bracelet came back, with a note from the customer asking for preferably a replacement with a larger size (and only if not, refund).

I’m happy to replace, but will this affect my metrics since I now have an open return request? These are my choices:

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Click on the complete and see the options available. If we remember right, there will be some options to click before saying it is completed with one of them being something like “Item Replace”.

Remember to Contact Buyer to let them know what is happening prior to completing so it is documented


Open return requests are meaningless.

The bigger concern is that if you had Amazon issue the label, they may auto refund if you ignore the return request. If you bought the label elsewhere and sent it to the buyer, then you can ignore the return request. Once the issue is dealt with (either a replacement or refund) then you can click complete just to get rid of it, but it’s not important.

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It was FBM. Amazon issued a return authorization number but no option for prepaid return label. I bought postage from ShipStation.

Then Amazon won’t track the return shipping and auto refund your return. Nothing to worry about.
Again, open return requests are not a metric impacting value. I don’t usually take the time to close return requests if there is not a reason to address them.

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Replace was not an option.

I clicked something else and explained to the customer. I also sent a prior message to her. All correspondence included the new tracking #.

Thanks Lost My Marbles and Maintak for your help :slight_smile:

Q here: @meredithbead when you uploaded the return label did you fill in the fields that asked for the shipper and tracking number? If so, might they track it? I’m not sure, but I can’t see a reason for it to be in there otherwise?

The worst case scenario is possible:

Your buyer “could” provide the return tracking number, showing a shipment from them to you, and file an A2Z to try to get a refund. If they are that much of a jerk, and a liar, and want free stuff.

Now, if they are a normal honest person, you just leave the return request open and ignore it, and ship a replacement, and nothing bad will happen. Just like as if they never returned it, since we do our own labels in handmade.

I think it’s cleaner, and easier for you, and you can cite “amazon policy makes us do this blah blah” and just refund off the open request and let him know to buy another one, and give the link. But if you have already talked about doing a replacement, chances are it will be all ok.

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I’ve never uploaded a return label this way. When I buy a label for a return, I just attach the label to the email.

i always include the tracking number.

The customer included a hand-written note with the return, saying how much she loved her bracelet, and she bought 3 more for friends who also loved it. She just needed a larger size for the last one. I’m 99.99% sure she’s not a scammer.

In Handmade, we’re given 2 options:

  1. have Amazon generate a non-paid label
  2. we provide a pre-paid label purchased outside Amazon, and upload it in the given field.

No, I just mean that Amazon might “see” that it’s been returned and issue an automatic refund on your behalf if you don’t refund them within 24 hours.

since I closed the case, I don’t think that will happen. If it does, you’ll hear me screaming.

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I always provide a prepaid return label and always fill in the cost amount and tracking. I could be wrong, but I think it is there for one, to be able to deduct the cost from the refund and two, to confirm the return if it’s arrival to the seller is disputed or the buyer did not end up using the label. I have never had a refund prior to the product arriving back to me so no RFS there, and if they were to do it, and the product came back wrong or destroyed, the seller would not be able to file claim as handmade orders are not eligible for safe-t claims unless they are SFP.

I leave them blank. I don’t know if it makes any difference, but for the occasions when I don’t refund instantly (because I didn’t get my mail in) or whatevs, I don’t want a chance of the customer calling amazon and being all hey it’s there where’s my refund.

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It worked in my advantage on an A-Z buyer that claimed she returned it but tracking showed it never received a drop off scan.

Are you able to deduct return shipping on the refund if buyer faulted and if the label cost is left out?

I don’t know, i’ve never tried.

I do it as a restocking fee.

The problem I have is it won’t let you input a specific number only percentage. I’d use this if it was a BS Seller faulted return to recapture return shipping label but I’m sure support would side with an angry buyer if they pushed back. It would be nice if Handmade orders were eligible for Safe-t claims.

I should point out that I am not handmade and know nothing about it. I didn’t know, for example that handmade was not eligible for SAFE-T claims. If any of my advice does not apply to handmade orders, I hope someone will point that out.

You can put in a custom % not just the 5% or 10% so I play around with it until I get as close to the actual cost of the label as possible, but no, you refund the label exactly.

Does it matter what support thinks? Once you withhold the restocking fee, all the buyer can do is open an AtoZ claim for the missing money, just like any order where the buyer doesn’t get a full refund.

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