Recall ... Sold Exclusively on

VRURC Portable Chargers Recalled Due to Fire Hazard; Sold Exclusively on by VRURC; Caught Fire on Commercial Flight

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One fire and this seller is out of business / bankrupt, without investigation and 100% funded refunds out of the sellers pocket for ~$6.6M.

Sounds about right when dealing with Amazon. I realize where the seller is from and where it’s made but it doesn’t seem fair to recall every unit sold because of one faulty unit OR the item being improperly used by the person on the flight. The thing could have been dropped in water or damaged in some other way by the owner that caused the malfunction / fire.

Hopefully there’s more to this story and there was a complete investigation.

A lot of Tesla’s have caught fire in garages. Don’t recall seeing a massive recall on them.


Yes,it is certainly likely there is more to the story. Rechargeable battery fires are dangerous in any product, and more products are using them. There needs to be a design solution for all of them, me thinks.

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Yea, like some sort of circuit breaker based on temperature. Get too hot - connections are broken.

I suspect these lithium ion batteries are a little more complicated than my summary above but there has to be a way.

So many people have been killed in NYC because of E-Bike fires. It’s very sad.

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There must be way more, CPSC does not issue recalls for one faulty product.

Proper liability insurance should cover this, doubt the seller had it though.

We all know the seller does not have $6.6m in their bank account, and Amazon will end up out of pocket for most of this

Thermal fuses are a thing, are DIRT CHEAP, and are installed in most batteries/chargers that are properly built.


They would have had to with their volume but it ain’t for $6M…

Wait… I’m wrong. Recall insurance is optional…

Assuming Amazon actually requires it for china based sellers

There certainly a lot of posts from Chinese sellers when the insurance requirement rolled out.

I think we all know that Amazon caters to them but they can’t be that dumb not to require insurance from them.

I hope they hold them to the same standards as US sellers, and just just allow them to upload fake docs.

Nah man. Amazon is equal with this. Everyone uploads fake docs. Doesn’t matter where they are located.

Why am I not surprised that ASIN B09FSGTD79 is still available for purchase in the Canadian Marketplace - where it sports the Amazon’s Choice badge - to this very day?

And in the German Marketplace (https: //

Apparently, two weeks after the ‘voluntary’ recall, FBA stocks supplying those of Amazon’s Global Marketplaces have yet to be depleted…


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After all of those hoverboards started exploding a few years back, I am scared of lithium batteries.

The remedy is replacement.

The recall is voluntary.

Be sure to go see all the steps.

All contemporary reports of the February 2023 incident note an FAA investigation.


I have one in my garage from years ago. Surely it’s dead by now but still worries me.

We had the sled thing that attached to it. Was pretty cool.

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Remember, Phones and Laptops have had lithium batteries for quite some time. the big issue is the high capacity high current batteries, and poor quality on the lower capacity ones.


Yes, and it appears that Replacement Orders in the US Marketplace will be supplied from the still-active stocks of the Pink (, Blue (https: // [had to 'break the URL for this one, as Discourse balked]), Green (, & Purple ( Child ASINs of the Variation Relationship Set of which the recall-impacted ASIN B09FSGTD79 is a member (Parent ASIN = B0B7RGDLW3).

Methinks it likely that the CPSC has some work yet to come…

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I understand that, but I have still had some very puffy batteries in each. An old macbook battery was so enlarged that the touchpad popped out.

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Puffy indicates failure, but puffy is WAY BETTER then explosion/fire. Puffy tends to be a “correct” failure IMO

119 Tesla fires as of 2021 (source All Reported Tesla Fires :fire: | Tesla Fire ( of which it appears that only 15 were in garages.