Reference Price Not Being Seen By Amazon, Though Exists

About 1/3rd of my listings can’t take part in Prime Exclusive discounts due to either being suppressed for “Internal Policies”, or suppressed for

Suppressed. Discount price should be lower than the ASIN reference price by 15%

While the assumption would be that these are missing their List Price, they of course all have a List Price included. I’m taking $40 off $128 for this example, so believe I’m doing over double the discount on list price. But, it’s still suppressed.

As you might have guessed, my “suppressed” listings are my worst selling at this point, down to a third in sales compared to 12-24 months ago. I’d fix them, of course, if there was something to fix.

Anybody else having issues with listings not recognizing their List Price?

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Man, another negative feedback from me on SAS.

While submitting the list of “Suppressed for Internal Policies” ASINs for Business Critical review, I felt like I was experiencing Deja Vu.

I submitted this same list for review beginning of October, Business Critical, and they claimed they fixed the ASINs. I didn’t verify as I missed the Prime Day sale anyway at that point. But now I’m getting the same errors, on the same ASINs, they supposedly fixed. Lame

The List Price error is a new one. I recently edited this listing a few weeks back (and the other children) to change the Main Image, so the bug seems to have arose from that.

When did you set these promotions up? We were warned and told to set ours up by Nov 1st so any issues could be worked out by SAS.

My SAS manager emailed me early on the 1st to tell me they were due today (Nov 1st) to allow time to correct any issues.

I suppose your SAS manager never even bothered to tell you this or suggest getting them in early?

If the item has not sold within the last 60 days at the list price then the list price does not exist and your listing will be suppressed from the sale.

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If an item on Amazon hasn’t sold in 60 days, it shouldn’t be on Amazon.

Just saying… :man_shrugging:

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Some very profitable books and rare games sales (not mine) naysay that, but I would agree that if an item hasn’t sold in 60 days, it probably shouldn’t be in FBA…unless the non-sale issue was due to a problem created by Amazon itself.

That said… @casbboy is that the case with your items without reference prices? Do they lack a 60-day sales history and/or were they previously delisted by Amazon? :thinking:

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True. There I go again making assumptions and forgetting about other meaningful and profitable business models.

I think that customer expects not to have valuable collectibles coming from FBA though and from the collector directly.

That audience understands the difference much more than the Gen Pop…

One of the many categories FBM is perfect for. There, I said it @papy :laughing:


yeah, true story. I try to roll over inventory quick.

Also, we just dropped (about 5 weeks back) all our Offer Prices and List Prices on these items from 5-15% depending on ASIN going into Q4, so no chance we have that reason.


Exception to the rule is seasonal items.
We have two that trend seasonal … one at Christmas and the other at Easter.
Although their main sales are around those holidays, we keep them up throughout the year and sometimes pick up an out of season sale.

60 days would be a one shoe doesn’t fit all kind of rule.


Turns out I’m a dumb dumb.

Looks like “reference price”, though can be “List Price”, in this case was any price, including sale price, that was attempted in last 90 days. I had one sale that cut in by a few days, and I wasn’t 15% less than that sale price. sigh.


I’ve done that, more than once. :man_facepalming:

No you’re not. This is what Amazon does to our brains. Turns them to mush trying to navigate the nightmare that is being an Amazon seller.