Refund At First Scan (RFS) - is it still a thing?

Lately my returns are not being Refunded at First Scan. Since RFS I stopped processing the returns - I just throw them onto the return pile for processing later on.

Yes there is the occasional outright fraud / wrong item returned, but it isn’t economical to deal with in most cases for my products’ price points.

Did they stop doing RFS?


We still get RFS, but it doesn’t get applied to all returns. I cannot figure out what determines it. I thought maybe it was the amount of the refund. Anything over $100 and we would manually refund. But, that is not the case. We have had orders around $30 not get RFS. Thought maybe the return reason. Maybe buyer faulted returns were going to be manual. Nope…it just seems to be a toss up.


Most items under $100 are RFS; There have been a few posts lately on the NSFE that have mentioned items under $100 having to be manually refunded.

It’s a mystery I’ve been trying to figure out for a while; I agree it just seems random.


I have noticed the same thing.


Just a data point: ( Maybe someone can use it )

Book ordered mid April, cost 22 dollars, was refunded on first scan.

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We have returns under $100 that are not being RFS. For a few months now, all of our returns have come in under Standard Return instead of RFS. A couple of them have switched to RFS when the shipping label has been scanned, but I haven’t been able to find a rhyme or reason to it. I had been opening a lot of SAFE-T claims before this, so I just figured they didn’t want to deal with that hassle anymore lol


maybe these are those questionable customers that get on AMA’s fraud radar??

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Yes, or Amazon is A/B testing to replace RFS but still somehow claim it was a win for Sellers

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I am getting quite a few that are not RFS, and frankly it is a PITA.

I expect RFS, I do not even check when the returns arrive. Well I did not until now.

I much prefer RFS, I can’t do anything about it anyways. I am not going to chase $3-$4 in return postage. Even though 90% of the return reasons are wrong. “Did not arrive on time” arrives early in the delivery window or before. “Does not match catalog page, wrong size” even though a picture of the item is on the catalog page with the size shown in a big font.

The good news is over 40% of the returns never come back.

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We don’t get many returns, but since RFS was implemented, we assumed Amazon would do as they said and handle the refund when the label is scanned. Should know better than to assume Amazon would follow their own rules.

We received a return today that should have been RFS, but wasn’t. Customer was fully justified to return this $21.99 item as “inaccurate website description” - the brand owner changed the color but not the pictures on Amazon - and it was returned in brand new condition.

What is interesting is that she included all of Amazon’s instructions for returning it. Including the note that “All items must be sent by Aug 6, 2023.” She requested the return on June 28 and was given until Aug 6 to return it? Apparently the 30 days for return is counted from the expected delivery date in the order, which in this case was “Fri, Jun 30, 2023 to Thu, Jul 6, 2023”


Yes, this is true.

And this is REALLY true!

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Maybe Amazon sees the number of safe-t claims and it’s become unmanageable.


I have one taped to my wall – it was sent back UPS and didn’t auto return. So every 14 days, I look to see if it finally processed. If not, OH WELL…when it does, I have the required pictures somewhere on my google photos and will submit.

Those stupid pennies add up and MAYBE it will help the next seller if the customer lies a lot.


I got a RFS a few days ago. Haven’t had one in a long time so it sorta shocked me. Get to see what crapola the buyer is sending back and go from there…

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this return you have on your wall, might just be indicative to the validity of @kingdom post above (& my long time thought) that


I think this depends on the item cost. Most of our items are under $50 and they basically are 95% RFS at this point.

When they started this program years ago…I felt it took awhile for them to ramp it up across all item prices. Initially, it seemed all of our $25 items were enrolled but not the ones above $50. However, within a few weeks I noticed all the price levels were RFS.

Oddly enough, just after XMas 2022, all of our items basically stopped RFS for about 9 months regardless of price and then they started again. I actually spoke with one of the people who deal in that program at Amazon and they said they had done some tweaking of RFS rules.

I think they play around with this stuff a lot in terms of tests…

Obviously you might get the occasional one that should RFS but does not because the buyer has been booted from the RFS program.