Register for FBA?

I just created a new offer for an item in ‘Very Good Condition’. * The fulfill by Amazon option is greyed out and this displays beneath it:


I’ve used FBA for 8+ years and never heard of registering for it. Is this something new?

If registration is now required, an old seller like me should be ‘grandfathered’.

Very Good Condition

This is an item I have been selling, a few have minor box damage but the new product inside is fine.

There are many categories where FBA has changed recently and only allowed for new items. Electronics that are used or refurbished is one example that comes to mind, where a seller has to be certified to use FBA.


I rarely list anything that is not new, so that must be why I’ve never seen it before. I didn’t plan to send the item in to FBA anyway.

I am an old platform user (2005).

I add “manually” through the online interface. At the bottom of every add page there’s a choice of shipping it myself or using FBA. The FBA part tells me I an not registered for FBA and offers a link to do so (which I will not examine).

It is possible that at one time “registering” consisted of putting your check mark next to using FBA. But this system does know I never registered.

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I am familiar with this:

I am not used to seeing the ‘register’ for FBA link. I have used FBA since 2014, never had to register for it. Just wondering if this is something new, but I may have seen it on the listing in question because the condition was not ‘new’, which I rarely list in less than new condition. @VTR 's response led me to that theory.
I did not click the link to register, and the listings are live so it must not be a hard requirement.

I have used FBA since 2011 and only sell New products, I was recently asked to register as well. I think they are tinkering again.


That is what I was wondering about. Another 4th quarter initiative that could require new approval at the worst possible time?