Remember to check your decimal places...

We have an item listed for $125, which is not much above our minimum price. The competition had the item priced at $126.

At some point in the last month they dropped the price to try to get the BB from us. They wanted to sell for $123. Unfortunately, someone didn’t pay enough attention and they repriced it for $12.30.

Not only did Amazon not “low price-bot” this offer, but Amazon has now locked the BB to this price. Even dropping my price to $30 was still high price-botted.

I considered buying the competition’s items for the $12.30 price, but… I wouldn’t be able to sell them! That listing is completely shot because someone didn’t pay attention.

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I thought this was going to backfire hilariously on your competitor, not backfire tragically on the whole thing.

Can you open a case, for the catalog team to review the listing and manually revert pricing?


Sure I can!
Will it matter? I doubt it. I would think they would only care if the rights holder opened the case, or potentially the competitor who currently still has the low price listed. If I open a case saying that the competition is selling for “too cheap” I suspect they will laugh at me.

What about selling them on other platforms?


Unfortunately we have learned, this is much easier then trying to fix Amazon!


The odds of the other seller actually sending us the item for that price are minimal. The $12.30 would barely cover the shipping, and they have 5 in stock. I assume they will realize the mistake and cancel the order.

If they did ship the item, I could sell it on Wally or ebay, but it is not a high demand item, and even selling it for under what would normally be our cost we could end up sitting on them for a couple years before they moved. We already have a couple in stock that haven’t moved in a couple years.

In the end, not worth bothering with.


Sorry, but this is what instantly popped into my head…