removal order in error

I made a huge error. I had someone purchase 3 different items, return them all with reasons to effect my NCX. I suspected it was my competition since I am having issues. Someone recommended I pull my inventory of what they purchased to be sure they didn’t do anything weird. So I went to remove it. I actually thought the 2nd screen would ask me from what fulfillment center. It did not! This is the message I got. Did this request actually get fulfilled, chat was not helpful and I searched and cannot see if a removal order was actually generated. I am worried because that will be a HUGE removal bill.

Did you look at this report?

Any removal orders should show up there with status.


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You can submit a cancellation request on the removal order. Some units will still be sent, you cannot control that, depends how far along they are.

You can never pluck the ones you want from the FC you want. You cannot pluck only the returned items. You can pull Unfulfillables, or Fulfillables, or both. This is the part that sucks most about FBA. You can only pull “X” amount and hope you get them. This is why it’s all or nothing. And if your All is a LOT, you pay thru the nose.

Check your FBA orders by picking “non amazon” and you’ll see the orders as pending, (usually) to request cancellation of unprocessed units.


Its blank on that screen :slight_smile: