Repeatedly reordering a cancelled test buy order

I have a situation involving a counterfeit product seller that I’m currently working on where the (FBM) seller cancelled the attempted test buy order.

Would it cause a problem with the buyer account to just repeatedly order this from them until they either ship the item (which would provide the needed order number to file an infringement claim), or they get suspended from cancelling too many orders, or they get the hint and stop selling?

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In the world of Amazon, Amazon may turn this against you because of the multiple attempts (especially since you are a seller also).

Maybe have a friend or family member (who lives close by) attempt to order. If it gets shipped, you will be able to see the product and walk the friend or family member through the process of submitting the violation.

The brand owner is making the test buy, with the account linked to their brand registry account (which I believe is a requirement to file the infringement report, the order has to come from their account, not just any random order-id). This is likely the reason why the order was cancelled since it’s going to their address.

We weren’t sure if they were selling fakes when I originally raised the issue with them, but since they’re afraid of shipping a test buy order it’s almost certain now that they are.

Brand owner doesn’t have to have the item shipped to their own address.

At this point they know who it is, so your only hope is to have a friend order so see if it is fake or not. Otherwise a C&D letter to the seller should get their attention since they already know they are being watched


There may well be something to that.

We have not ourselves conducted a Test Buy since 2015, as we had Amazon gate all of our brands in 2016 - an exercise which probably goes far to explain why we were invited to join Project Zero immediately after the program’s launch - but back when we did, we typically used an ‘unassociated’ Buyer Account, rather than the ‘Primary’ Buyer Account automatically associated with this or that SoA Account.

That worked every single time to dismiss the interlopers, and it was in fact the methodology recommended by the seasoned and savvy forum vets @ that time - but in recent years, there does seem to be no little amount of evidence that your supposition might well be the new norm.

Yeah, test buys never want to be done by the seller, or any “associated account”.

Having a 3rd party do the buy allows the opening phrase “Our mutual customer has been shipped a counterfeit…”

I believe in order to file an infringement report the brand registry linked account MUST place the test buy. Which makes sense, since that report needs to be based on the brand owner’s test buy, not someone’s hearsay test buy.

I disagree. We do nothing below the surface with different accounts, and ONLY make test buys with the account doing the infringement claim. We are well over 200 test buys deep and not once has the account ever been at risk. The key component is review manipulation and feedback abuse. We do neither of these.

We have experienced this and just kept ordering till their metrics took a hit or they shipped it. Our record is well over 10 attempts.

Nope. It asks yes or no. If you select no it does not ask for the order number. There is also a section to state why and you can enter the attempted test buy order numbers in there. If you select yes, it asks for the order number.

I would play around with selecting yes, and entering one of the canceled order numbers in there.


That’s what I wanted to know. This seems to be the way to go as long as it doesn’t cause an issue on the brand owner’s end. If they’re gonna keep cancelling and they get suspended for metrics reasons, that solves the problem. Presumably if the seller keeps cancelling that’s just black marks on the seller’s account and shouldn’t reflect negatively on the buyer.