Repricerbot woes, vol. 1billion.

I have a listing that is high price bot-ed. My offering is $80. There are 2 other active offers on the listing, one for $81.84, and one for $115. Broken bot, clearly.

I tried to match my price to the BB price, still deactivated. I dropped my price to $60, still too high. I dropped it to $46, and it is low price bot-ed. I raised it to $47, high bot-ed.

Did I mention that the BB is over $80? I mentioned that, right?

This bot infuriates me.

What happens if you try $46.50?

I haven’t tried to find a viable selling price between $46 and $47, mostly because I pay $51 from the manufacturer for the item, which is reasonable at the BB price, but idiotic at this price.

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Do you suppose there is a hidden message in this problem?

Perhaps it is GO AWAY.

Does anyone doubt that Amazon has more sellers than it needs to sell the volume which is sold?

Does anyone believe Amazon has a bot to identify those sellers who should be gone accurately?

Would Amazon try to cull the herd to make a little more profit?

I am settling into a role as the voice of doom and gloom.

So you are saying Amazon is out to get me. If that were true, why would this listing that I have not sold since 2019 be targeted, and not the listings where I sell thousands of units a year, the listings that keep me on the platform?

If Amazon wanted me gone, they could snap their fingers and get rid of me. This is known. They would not use the high price bot to pick off my listings one at a time. The high/low price bots are programmed as tools of price fixing. The fact that they are also badly programmed is almost a side note in the saga of Amazon dictating prices to sellers.

I believe, based on my experience and the experiences shared by sellers on the OSFE, that the bots are even handed in their stupidity, and any bias is limited to the type of item or category. I do not believe the high price bit is aware of who the sellers are, nor does it care. Amazon has plenty of other bots for that.

This bot is just broken, as the kids say these days, as F@#K.


I mean, if I believed that Amazon could actually successfully program a bot to try to alert Sellers to low performing offers and encourage them to take literally any action, then this might be evidence of such.

But I don’t.

The message may not be justified, or obvious, but the meaning may be accurate.

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Because you are to be punished for having that listing.

Amazon punishes many people for reasons which are less obvious.

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