Reservation Fees

Just in case you were worried, Amazon has indeed added another fee.

Checked seller central and didn’t see anything in search. Who, what, when where?

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Ask Amazon: Simplified FBA capacity limits

Learn about updates to FBA capacity management at an Ask Amazon event on March 14, 2023.

We recently announced that we’re replacing the weekly restock limit and quarterly storage limit with a single monthly capacity limit per storage type to give you more predictability and control over your inventory.

We also introduced the Capacity Manager, giving you the opportunity to request additional capacity based on a reservation fee that you specify.

From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (PT) on our US seller forums page, we’ll answer posted questions about our updated capacity limits and Capacity Manager.

Please be aware that we cannot provide legal advice or interpret regulatory requirements on situations that are specific to individual sellers.

For more information, go to FBA capacity limits.

Read up on it. Basically, you are bidding on upcoming available space in the WH now.


Optional, but sounds like lots of china sellers are going to be paying so they can drop a container in FBA, then cry when they can’t make $0.01


Well on additional service - so that’s fair. The bid for storage is a tad nuts and will get even more nuts in Q4 I Think.


I’m just a little suprised that we are now bidding on space in an amazon warehouse to use an amazon paid for service. the concept is nuts.

Thats like going to Disneyland and paying for a ticket to get in the park and then also they tell you that you have to pay for parking! … oh wait


I guess it does offer a flexible option that amazon warehousing which I am loathe to use because I’m reading extreme delays which can fuck up an entire business in one or two containers get forever stuck - which is why we’d only use capacity limits as an alternative to our own storage :person_shrugging:

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If anyone needs to bid for space today (under the current way overgenerous limits), they need to rethink their business or exit it.

Q4 is going to get rowdy for sure. The writing is on the wall if you look at the capacity limits for April and May which are heading south. Amazon is already gearing up to slash em again in Aug / Sept for Q4 and make their $ on the reservation fees which lots of sellers will happily pay, including us and Amazon knows it.

Another money grab. At least there is an option to get the room you need if it makes financial sense for your business.

Nobody knows how much sellers will be willing to pay, but my guess (based on PPC bids for hot terms that are more than the product sells for) - IS A LOT…

You do get your money mostly or totally back (credit) if you sell the shit you send in over your standard limit. I’m sure there are games there too.