[Response Requested] Merging of Old Forums Profile - Direct Message from Cooper_Amazon

So it appears that they are trying to merge Profiles now.

Fine with me as my profiles are essentially the same either way and there is no hiding for me.

What does kinda bother me is that there is nothing on the seller central dashboard to indicate there was a message. I get so many “spammy” emails from Amazon that I have to admit that my email client moves them into the Amazon folder and I don’t always look at each and every one every day.
I check seller central every day for orders and warnings but there is no indicator when Amazon has created a case unless I go looking in my case log and I don’t tend to look in there unless I have created a case that I’m waiting on them to answer (which I only do when I absolutely have to.)

Anyway, be warned if you are not already.

07:36 PM

Good Afternoon AquaponicLynx,

This is Cooper_Amazon from the Amazon Seller Forums.

I wanted to inform you that our product team is looking to combine your old profile from the previous forums experience to your current forums profile (the account you are using more recently).

  1. Your statistics and activity from the previous forums experience will merge with your current profile.
  2. Your previous discussions from your old profile will change from your old forums handle to your current forums handle (if you didn’t change your profile name, it will stay the same).

If you would not like your original forums profile associated to your current forums profile, we can ensure they are not associated. The only update to your profile will be the blue banner that says “view this seller’s additional activity” will go away. The statistics and activity will not update.

------- > Please respond by end of day Tuesday December 19th, 2023 otherwise the profiles will be automatically merged < ----------

Thank you for selling with Amazon,

Nah, no need for a PM function.


We got ours also … about time as this was requested over a year ago by beta testers.



Thank you for the heads up @TCLynx !

For those of us who have not onboarded to NSFE, they are not going to do this, correct? Like…we shouldn’t even have to respond to something like this?

Or will they send an email?

Where can I find this? I haven’t opened a case in actual years. ETA: Found it! Your Cases and Requests Log

I have nothing in my Performance Notifications ETA: or my Case Log.

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As one of the original ‘sacrificial volunteers’ I was outed immediately so it doesn’t matter.

I don’t think you will ‘find’ it anywhere since all I have is the same email with a case # in the message header.

I honestly haven’t had to open any cases in so long I can’t even find where the bleep the case log is. No tabs, a search is useless. What a system… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


The message did have the ‘click to see the case’ message at the bottom but I’m really stumped as to where that log can be found when I don’t get a message!


Go to the Help page link … link to case log is under title section

You don’t have to worry about it. This is something for the beta testers who didn’t get the chance to choose how to onboard (our profiles were split from day one … this will combine our profiles into one).


Let’s play DEVIL’S Advocate since it is Amazon we are dealing with.

What if they actually came to the conclusion that they NEED you old timers with all your knowledge and they DO force you back kicking and screaming all the way.

Amazon changes their rules and backtracks on what they say all the time. Why would this be different?

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I’m going to bet it only applies to NSFE “beta” users

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You obviously assume that I can read…

NOW the problem is trying to remember where that is next time I need to find it. Fortunately I DO still remember to put on clothes before I got to the PO and UPS (so far).



You obviously assume that I can read…

NOW the problem is trying to remember where that is next time I need to find it. Fortunately I DO still remember to put on clothes before I got to the PO and UPS (so far)

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Some of the mod feedback we get tends to lean towards this.

We got a smile out of this one from a seller … forum reply to us


I did complain in my reply to the case about it being a terrible way to do direct messaging.


They have now added a puzzle that you have to do in order to reply to a case!!!
And it doesn’t always work so I had to re-type my reply to the case like three times before it actually submitted (when it doesn’t submit, it clears your reply!)

May I ask if it’s the ‘find the vehicle’s route’ mechanism discussed in the SAS thread linked below?

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We have learned to copy/paste our reply into notepad before doing the puzzle.



Moral: Refuse to be Beta, be Alpha

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I do not want to be doxxed. Amazon betrayed every Seller who had participated in good faith by increasing the options for (the already non-zero) IRL harassment and black hat retaliation from unhinged forum users.

And now, after everything that has gone down, I am not interested in giving the NSFE any opportunity to violate my trust again. They might drag me back non-consensually and extortionally, but they can not force me to participate.

There are some lines that can’t be un-crossed. You can certainly forgive a transgression, but forgiveness in no way requires forgetting.

“Forgetting” the behavior of an abuser only makes you vulnerable to more abuse.