"Return Not Expected" on FBA order refund

Today I got a refund for a FBA order, reason: “Item never arrived”. Money has been deducted out of my Payment, and this “return” has shown up on “FBA Returns” list.

So all that are pretty nomal, and in this kind of INR situation, the “Return Status” will usually stay as “Return Started” for 60 days, then Amazon’ll reimburse me (because Amazon lost the item during the FBA shipping process and it was never returned to me) and then the “Return Status” changes to “Complete - You are reimbursed”.

Well, this time it’s different, the “Return status” has already changed to “Complete” with a note “Return not expected”. See below:

OK. “Return not expected” part is understandable, but am I still going to be reimbursed by Amazon for this item in 60 days?

If anybody experienced the same thing, I’d appreciate to know the answer to my question above. Thanks.

Item was never delivered to the customer, so customer can’t return it!

I think Amazon pays you back for these in 30-90 days? @ASV_Vites I think has said this in the past.