Return question - method of return?

Handmade, so no prepaid auto-option here. Customer asked to return, I created and uploaded a USPS label (GA, $3.90).

Now she messaged saying she wants a UPS label. The cheapest I can do that for - which I never do - is $7.95

It’s seller faulted technically because she’s made up 7 complaints, including arrived late, quality, price… whatever, she’s wrong, these are GORGEOUS quality earrings, and it arrived on the first day of the EDD window.

But now I’m annoyed. Do I have to do anything than say stick it in the mail lady?

ETA: re-reading, she wants a “UPS Code” so she just wants to go to UPS with her phone. I can’t do that if I want to!

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Sounds like she wants you to give up and tell her to just keep the items.

You provided a prepaid label, let her know to just put it in her mailbox.

Do all in writing so you have it for when she files an A-Z.

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yup all that is done. She is not getting to keep a $60 pair of 5* earrings, lol…


“No Response Needed”


The only further thing I would offer is to mail a label to her.


I couldn’t resist and googled…she has her own small business and absolutely has a printer.

I put the odds of you getting scammed at even money on this

scammed as in she sends back something not my earrings?

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Yeah, the way the buyer is acting about the return label situation is suspicious at best. Since when does a buyer care about how the product’s returned? Especially when they’re not paying for shipping.


A lot of locations will give you a coupon if you use them for the return. For example, I sent a return via Staples the other day and they gave me a $10 off $30 coupon. Kohl’s used to do the same. Could be what they’re after.

I figure she just likes to go to ups and show the code on her phone and be easy/lazy about it. I love returning that way via whole foods. But that is only for fba orders.

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That sounds like a hell of a lot more work than printing out a label and putting it in your mailbox.

Also 7 complaints is pointing towards a scam. If you just want the seller to pay for return shipping a simple “not as described” is enough.

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I have had three similar requests in the past week or so.


Each customer says they can’t print.

First one, I sent a label by mail.

Second one and third, I said Amazon handles everything because its automated.

Mine are not handmade returns.

Now I read this post and think WTF?

Can we tell them that its part of the terms of buying that they gotta figure out how to print a label?


Are you required to mail them a label?

If not I’d be inclined to just tell them it’s their problem (nicely of course). That’s ridiculous that someone can’t print a label. You don’t need to actually have labels, you can print it on a piece of paper and tape it the box. Also UPS stores will generally print the label for you if you email it to them, not sure if USPS will do that at the post office (probably not).

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Amazon actually provides a service for this; for a nominal fee it will send a Return Label via snail mail.


yeah but i doubt they do that for 3p sellers who aren’t eligible for prepaid labels (ie, all of handmade grrrrrr).

Either way, i have 100% confidence this woman has the ability to print. She just wants to walk into UPS with her other 17 returns and shove her phone at them and go “deal with this”

I wonder, I wonder… :thinking:
Could there be a Facebook, or YouTube or some sort of lesson plan out there that teaches this as a method to get free stuff?

I have to use the UPS store to drop off cartons to dealers, as waiting for the UPS pickup has turned into a “late for dinner” issue for employees, and I’ll not have my employees missing dinner. I even take cartons down myself, as I am not above playing shipping clerk myself.

The line of people returning crap they ordered on a whim and then decided to return is long - they show the UPS person a phone (QR code?) the UPS person scans the phone screen, and the person walks away. Many of the returns are tossed into a common duffel-bag sort of bag.

I asked, and yes, this is Amazon. So, Amazon first trained buyers in how to be grifters, and then trained them how to be LAZY grifters.

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Yup I witness this whenever I drop off my FBA shipments. One dude there always pulls me out of the line as he knows I’m a 12 second transaction - scan receipt go - but the others don’t and I stand behind these people with their item and their phone expecting magic to happen.

This actually works out better for Amazon in reducing return shipping costs.

I disagree with the lazy part of this though. It’s more work to go to the store to return something than it is to print a label and have it picked up from home. It’s a weird kind of “lazy” where they end up doing more work to avoid doing a simple task.

Also, it’s mindboggling that handmade has returns treated differently. Last time I checked returning a product is the same process whether it’s made in china or here (and most of “handmade” is made in china anyway).

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