Return reason, Yikes.

This is a new one.

The dome is colored blue, but when the light is operating, it’s not a true blue like other manufacturers’ lights. More like white with a blue tint. Also spins too fast and should be brush driven.

So its blue but not blue enough. it’s also a light from the 1970’s that has not been changed much because it is in demand for nostalgia value.


And as Idiocracy looms ever nearer,

The Sun IS Sinking Slowly In The West.

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And yet if you live in the West, the Sun is slowly sinking into what many consider as the Far East.


A well-taken point.

With all due respect where it’s due:

:notes: :musical_note:

And you run and you run

To catch up with the sun

But it’s sinking

:musical_note: :notes:

There ain’t no softly-spoken magic spell for that…only tolling on the iron bell.


At least it’s not a conspiracy theory involving baking tablets on tinfoil and if a little smoke comes out they are toxic. We’ve gotten than one. I thought that meant we had a new Pope.

BTW - This is one of the reviews I sent to Strategic Account Services (other SAS) and they nuked it in 2 seconds…

This ■■■■ gives a new meaning to tinfoil hat.


It’s pretty difficult to connect smoking this or that from a tinfoil pipe to a mitre-hatted conclave sending fumata blanca or fumata negra up the chimney for all to see - but where there’s a will, there’s a way. :wink:


Well put!

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Thank you for the compliment, my friend.

The secret sauce seemingly lies in having one’s own tinfoil cap “adjusted” correctly… :melting_face:

Seriously, though, I am pleased to see that SAS Core continues to provide access for you & yours to otherwise-unreachable stars - or @ least the availability to cut through this or that red tape in an expedient fashion - for your money.

I am, quite-decidedly, less-pleased that our friend @casbboy has seemingly not yet seen the same kind of remuneration for his.

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I get “color” issues as the primary reason for a return.

Heck…I got three separate returns from the same customer with the same reason. She placed three separate orders.

Filed SAFE-T claims on all three and stated that the color was accurately described in words and shown in the pictures.

ONE out of the three denied. SAME reason, same person…appealed and they still denied and then said they would not answer any more questions. WTF…moving along.


I ended it. It’s funny, they said I would still have a couple days left if I needed anything, to which I put in a couple final requests. Crickets.

Also, I’m out of country again and, like last year, 2 days after I left the States I got an alert that two listings have been pulled for unapproved verbiage. Going to remove and re-add both when I get back (i have some old category downloads that will help me on my desktop) or when I find some time for it (if I can find some way to get all the old data to re-add the listings … after removing them)

I did attempt to get SAS to remove some reviews that were bad, and they ignored them. (the reviews were updates after 18 months to 2 years, claiming my decomposing bags with an expiration of 1 year, started decomposing after 1 year)

Hello from Japan. :slight_smile:


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I’m old, so I remember this…

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Of course the guy slaps the return label directly on the item over all the Manufacturer labels and warnings etc…

Essentially the retail box was destroyed. Because all warnings and cautions were damaged and unreadable it cannot be sold at all.

Place your bets for 20% restocking fee if any.

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The first one I have had denied ever


A hair dryer usually easily removes labels with only a little glue left behind. Not idea of course.

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it would have also removed the manufacturer labels…

Got a 20% restocking fee back on appeal. No consistency with Amazon Safe-T-Claims