Reverification is taking forever and I am trying to finish. The last step (business address)

As the title says I am looking to verify my business address (it is a po box which I was told wouldn’t be an issue). The info I gave for amazon is my llc info, but they are asking for a recipient full name. Do I put my own? Not sure what to do.

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I went and looked at the card I received from them, which has my business name as the recipient name. I have an LLC with s-corp election.


Yes you put your name.

But yes the recipient name = your full name as it matches sc information and you are the full owner of your LLC

Mixed two thoughts into one earlier - happens when I respond too quickly…

The recipient info is just so the addressee is reached it has nothing to do with sc or llc.

Nevertheless the rest stands - if you’re the llc owner and you’re the one receiving mail at your pobox then you want the recipient name to be you…

overexplaining ftw

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They are asking for a recipient name and my friend own’s the po box. Can I just put their name in and fill in the code when I get it?

They are asking for a recipient name and my friend owns the po box. Can I just put their name in and fill in the code when I get it? I just want to ensure it is smooth process since none of this was thus far.

I would not.
Put in the name as it appears on your Amazon account. Your personal name or your business name, whichever you used. I suggest against using any other names.

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It should be your name/business name which is related to your account. With that being said, are you sure you want to use your “friend’s” PO Box. Seems like a future issue in the making as you are giving up control of anything going into that PO Box. Why not open up your own PO Box for the business? If we remember correctly, it is only $60 per six months at USPS (and becomes business deduction at tax time).

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This could be trouble down the road. Does your friend also run an Amazon business? I hope not


Why aren’t you using your own PO Box? At the very least, if your business shares that PO Box, you should have it added to that PO Box so you can accept mail there. If your friend also does business with Amazon, then you might be in trouble.

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How long have you been ‘friends’? AND, how much do you trust them to not screw you over if something happens to cause the ‘friendship’ to end?

Are they, by chance, a Virtual Assistant?

In any case, all the other responses about ownership of the box, their possibly having Amazon accounts, and so on also play into why this is a TERRIBLE idea.

I have mine set up at the UPS Store because I have all my shipments go there. No worries about porch pirates or rain, snow, and, taking a day off to go to the casino!


@Resaleretail all legit responses :slight_smile:

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Been friends for the last 30 years don’t think things will change. In my haste to change it from my home address to a po box that will be public I asked to use his. If I just put his name in will it be fine?

So can I put my buddy’s name so it doesn’t get lost?

When they made the addresses public I rushed for a po box and my friend said he had one. He’s been a friend for decades. My only concern is the name. Do I just put the llc name in the reciepient name even though it is asking for a first and last name?

I wouldn’t - I’d put yours. But technically, that area serves as an ATTN field so the postcard is received. There is an element of risk.


STOP … when one tries to get around something in the manner proposed, it ends badly 90% of the time. Are you willing to risk your Amazon account for something that can be avoided?

First and for most - delivery name should be your name / business name on the Amazon account
Second - delivery PO Box should be for your name / business name only (and maybe spouse name)

Did you know that the Post Office keeps a record of what mail is to be delivered to a PO Box and the associated physical address?

With all of the replies given, there have been several reasons not to and suggestions on how to do it right. No matter how many different ways or times one might ask what name can be used, it will always be your name / business name. And everyone agrees that the use of someone else’s PO Box is asking for trouble.

FYI … one a technical note (from working at USPS) … it is possible that the clerk would (or can) return the post card if the addressed name is not listed as a receiving name for that PO Box. In this case, Amazon will be notified that your business does not receive mail at that PO Box.


The post office may not deliver it if it is under your name.

Slow down, head to and order a po box. Takes 5 minutes. Protect yourself.


In which case, he should use his friends name since its his friends pobox account. But then that may cause issues on sc side.

New pobox is best bet.

If you put your friend’s name on the recipient line, how does that verify your identity? That only verifies your friend’s identity. I can’t see Amazon liking that at all.

If you are super good buddies, and he does not have anything to do with Amazon, he can add your business name to the box. The post office won’t deliver mail to the box if the recipient’s name doesn’t match any of the names registered to the box.