Reverification taking much longer than expected

It looks like my verification will take longer than the 27th. Will my account be shutdown? What is going to happen? I am seeing so many conflicting pieces of data that if you’ve got insight it would be greatly appreciated.

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Signs from Amazon would lend us to believe that, as long as a seller has been making progress towards completing the required validations, the seller probably won’t be shut down. With that being said, we would expect Amazon to put distributions on hold and possibly throttle sales until those sellers complete the validation process.

Note: these are only our thoughts and not backed by any information other than past Amazon experience.

Also … Welcome to SAS!


If you don’t mind me asking; where did you find that information. I couldn’t find it anywhere

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It’s from experience. What @Lost_My_Marbles says is not official but just what we as experienced sellers would expect to happen.

We already know that those of us that had tasks to do with verification had our sales throttled (either that or an amazing coincidence that sales dropped 90% for the period that we had the account warning). After the verification process was complete our sales have been increasing.

I would hope Amazon knows they ■■■■■■ up, they waited until there was less than 1 month to complete everything and sprang it on everyone.



Here is the link to Amazon’s main thread; this is where the CMs are posting the most current info:

See → INFORM Consumers Act Verification FAQs

I posted on the thread a few hours ago, so hopefully Steve or Cooper will update the thread tomorrow or put out a notice.


Update: Here is the link that takes you to the main post, so you don’t have to scroll all the way up.
…sorry it was too late to update my original post.

INFORM Consumers Act Verification FAQs


I read through it all and still don’t understand. What does it mean for me?

I’m simply showing you where Amazon/CMs are posting the most current info.

I would check back tomorrow to see if they have added any new information/updates.

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Actually Amazon had a post up stating just that (withholding distributions) today however, I went back to get the link to share and they had taken it down that quick.

Makes me wonder what they will change.
Keep and I eye out today for it. It was in the forum area of Seller Central for a short while.

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EOB here on the East Coast, June 27 is tomorrow, and no updates. :expressionless:


Wow. Please let me know if there are any. This whole situation is annoying. Ebay “verified” us using our old data which was just confirming nothing changed.

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Cooper_Amazon confirmed that sellers waiting on postcards will not be deactivated.


Oh thank goodness! :pray:

Hope that is indeed accurate


What part are you missing?

I had a hard time with my bank statement getting verified. But when I submitted a letter with all the information on my bank’s letterhead, it got approved in HOURS.



It’s Amazon Y2K…:clock9:

On my account health page this morning…



Congrats. It looked good. In my case, the account suspension threat banner simply disappeared. I didn’t get the successful message like you did.


This was posted on Seller Central News yesterday (bold parts by me):

On June 27, 2023, the US INFORM Consumers Act takes effect. Over the past few months, we’ve been reaching out to selling partners who are covered by the law to request business information and complete additional verification checks to ensure compliance with the law.

To see if you have any outstanding requests for verification, check your Account Health dashboard. If any information is required, follow the instructions provided. You’ll also receive an email notification if you’re still required to take any action.

If you do not provide the required information within 10 days of this notification, disbursements for your Amazon selling account will be put on hold starting July 7.

If you’ve already provided the information required to complete these verification checks, thank you. Once your information has been fully verified, the “Account deactivation warning” banner related to INFORM will be removed from your Account Health page.

We may need to reverify your information if you make changes to it after it has been verified. We’ll inform you if we require additional information. We are also obligated by law to ask you to confirm that your Selling on Amazon account information is up to date at least once a year.

We’ve made many improvements to our verification processes based on your feedback. We appreciate your efforts in providing this information to us.

We’re here to help. You can refer to these FAQs or the About the INFORM Consumers Act help page for additional information on INFORM and how to provide identity, bank, phone and address, or tax information.

If you have questions or need more assistance, our Forums moderators, Account Health associates, and Selling Partner Support teams are ready to help.


My favorite was when the morons called our business on a Sunday afternoon to “help” us address the issue.

How about you address the core issue of employees not comprehending what the words “business hours” mean. Might as well just call us at 2AM while you are at it Amazon.

Inept, moronic, idiots.

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