RFS should really be disabled after the 50 day mark

Yet another ancient return.
By some miracle I had no pending returns. The last of them auto archived 2 weeks ago.
I get the Refund for order XXX e-mail.

Look at the order number, look it up. Yep 70 days ago refund requested, delivered 2 weeks prior. Total BS. That they can get a full refund 85 days after delivery.

Since Amazon auto closes the returns it should go to a manual return.


I think you can file for a safe-t


I can but it will be a fight.

The best I can usually do for an item is a max 20% restocking fee.

9/10 times these items are returned used (borrowed) with signifigent wear, no retail packaging accessories etc…


Safe-T granted in 8 min a new record.

20% restocking fee for item returned with no retail packaging, accessories, care instructions.


We’ve had a few of these, too, recently that took like 10 minutes (denial or approval of claim versus when we filed for it)…I suspect they are starting to automate these more.

If they really wanted to fix this issue, they would RFS minus 20% automatically when the return is sent late. Then again, we all know why they won’t do that.