Roombas Will NOT Tell Alexa What's In Your House

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The collapse of the deal means Amazon will pay a $94 million termination fee to iRobot, which will largely be used to help pay off a $200 million loan it took out last year.


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Such termination fees are common when an acquisition is proposed.

If I offer to buy your company for $2 per share, that is exactly where the stock price will sit, with some folks shorting the stock, expecting the acquisition to not be approved by regulators, as happened here. So, if the deal does not go through, the stock price goes BELOW $2 per share, as the company was clearly “not worth it” to the buyer in the eyes of the investing lemmings, and the termination fee covers both legal expenses (as due diligence is a royal pain) and some of the impact of the stock hit that will follow a deal going sour.

How do I know? There was a time not long ago when I would have to ask people to speak more clearly on the phone, so I could be sure if they were saying “million dollars” or “billion dollars”.

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