Safe-T-Claims make no sense in how they enforce policy

We all know we put in the claim for a buyer damaged return and we are supposed to get a 50% restocking fee.

Since RFS we have to put in a claim and the most we get is 20%.

So I took this return One return for the books - #4 by Thelunatick

Put in a claim as the retail packaging was damaged. (photos of course pointing out the damage)

Took a 2nd return received the same day with no retail packaging, no accessories, no care instructions. (again photos of just the item returned still sitting in the box they returned it in.

No retail packaging = 20% restocking fee,
Damaged retail packaging = 50% restocking fee.

Damaged retail packaging I can probably get more money for then an open box.

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Now I have a customer that returned an obviously much older item for the new item and all they would give me is a 20% restocking fee.

It is worse than ever to get what policy designates on these claims. My results on missing or damaged packaging are as bad or worse than yours. In either case the items are unsellable.

It stinks of intentionality.

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It’s worse than that over here in FBA land… “Customer-Damaged Return”, so I get to pay for “removal” or can elect “disposal”, but either way I am out all the money, and the customer got a full refund.

So, customer buys product, uses it up, returns empty and damaged container, falsely claims that the damage must have happened during return shipping, and gets a full refund.

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I have told this story I don’t know how many times.

The straw that broke the camels back for us and FBA.
We used to sell uniform pants. 6 months after purchase someone returned a pair of pants to FBA, I requested it to me returned to me.
What I got back were a pair of pants that were exposed to Unknown chemicals, had dried blood on them and should have been put in a biohazard bin.

the policy violations were thus:

  1. Returned after the return period of 30 days
  2. Returned an item that was contaminated and unreturnable.

I contacted SS and the answer they gave me was too bad Amazon handles customer support and this is just the cost of doing business.

They basically told me to accept all forms of fraud now.

So my time in FBA land only lasted 6 months.

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Update on appeal for the switcharoo.

They told me I had to submit more photos. I just resubmitted the exact same photos and basically got a 80% restocking fee.
Still have to appeal for a refund on the original shipping and return shipping.

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