Sales and Traffic Data on Listings- Is this a new thing?

I noticed when shopping for a table on Amazon that the listings had sales and traffic data underneath the star rating.

Right now I mainly see it in the Home and Furniture categories, however, it is showing on some of my competitor’s listings in a completely different category. Is this a new thing they are rolling out or did I just notice this? How do you personally feel about this information being on the listing to the public? How accurate do you think it really is?


It’s been showing up on some listings for the past few months.

I’m pretty ambivalent about it. I like the idea that shoppers would be warned off of a scammy product, but I think it will just push sales toward already successful listings and make it even harder to launch a new item.

It’s Amazon so… eh?


It seems like Amazon only display those Sales & traffic data on items that has a lot of sales. It’d be good to have them on all items that have sales and traffic.


It’s been tested some, but was announced. I believe it was an email I deleted just today.


Yeah I agree. It will make it harder to launch a product, but I like the transparency.

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Yeah I saw a few that were showing low traffic and no sales but only in this category

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It can also keep momentum on listings that are problematic.

Well dang. I’m not finding an email about this.


If an item isn’t selling at least 50 units per month, it’s not shown. Amazon has been testing this and other versions of this for months.

Amazon is basically showing items that may be worth it to sellers. It’s like the best part of having Helium 10 or Jungle Scout for free…


The numbers are off by 30-50% which is covered by “over x purchased…”


I find it fascinating when you see it on items in Amazons handmade section. Sure Jan you totally made and sold 5,000 widgets all by yourself last month :joy:

Okay good to know!


I don’t usually close out Outlook, but I did this time and it’s been deleted. Well, assuming that’s where I saw it. Maybe it was a post on the NSFE. Could have even been in another Region.

It’s great for buyers though. If I’m buying something I don’t want to buy someone’s just launched product if an established product is already available that performs well.

Granted, reviews already provide that metric somewhat, but this is more of a “how popular is this product RECENTLY”

I think overall it’s good for the market too, because if someone wants to launch a new product they’ll need to have some kind of improvement on it to convince people that it’s an upgrade that’s worth taking a chance on. Last thing we need is more identical private label products on Amazon. Those people actually make it harder to launch new products too because it makes people think “oh, more private label crap” when they see a new product that’s similar to existing ones.

The cynical explanation is Amazon also wants it to be harder to launch a new product so you gotta spend more money on ads to get it going.



It’s actually in the “News” Widget at the moment. This was one of the MANY things Amazon was testing in Q2/3. Obviously it resulted in more $ for Amazon so it’s officially rolled out.

Now I’m waiting to find out if Amazon’s Choice is officially gone and replaced with Overall Pick / Popular Brand Pick. My hope is that it is.


Thanks for this info!


Just stumbled onto something interesting. If a listing has Amazon’s Choice (Overall Pick / Popular Brand Pick), and it’s sponsored - the badge does not show…

Wondering why Amazon did that. That’s gotta piss off sellers.

The badge will show on Organic Search but not the paid ads.

I’d be interested in investigating the default PDPs for the ASIN(s) in question, even though I suspect you’ve found yet another example of Amazon conducting a trial-run/split-testing experiment.

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I’m an onery old biddy-but I don’t want the same mass-produced stuff in my living room as 200±or 10,000±may eventually have in theirs. This ranking doesn’t appeal to me.

My furniture/bric-brac have personality!! My brave husband lives w/ easily breakable but irreplaceable 2nd-or 3rd- generation belongings of my mom/grandma(going back 100-150 years) and the occasional porcelain plate from great-grandma.

Anyone want a Dutch cabinet, 6’x 2-1/4’ with leaded glass upper front, in good to fair condition, now residing in our garage near Tucson? NO CHARGE~~We’d go as far as Albuquerque or San Diego to deliver it to a good home!!

Guess this new hard-goods ranking is similar to the long standing one in books/media- which I also usually ignore!