Same Product but with New UPC Codes and Organic Certification

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I hope someone here can give me some ideas on how to do this.

I am the brand manager and sole seller of a brand on Amazon. The manufacturer has just about finalized the Organic Certified process.

The ingredients of the products are not changing (they have always used organic ingredients), and the non-certified products have been on Amazon for many years and have accumulated a significant number of reviews.

Once certified, the products will have new labels and a new UPC code.

What is the best way to get the new listings with the new UPC codes attached to the older listings? I was considering making it a variation of the listing, but I am unsure if that is the best way to do this.

Thanks in advance for your help!

First, is there a reason why you want to change the UPC code?

If it’s the same product, new label, you can continue with the same UPC code and same listing (put up an image showing both products saying you may receive either packaging during the transition). Manufacturers change labels and packaging all the time and continue on the same listing.

To jump through all the government red tape for USDA Organic certification, all the products that have been approved need to have a brand new UPC code.

So the product is materially the same but has a shiny new logo and a prettier label on it. :smiley:

So my issue is merging the two UPC codes to the old product with the existing reviews. I think it should be possible, but I could be wrong and don’t want to go chasing this if it isn’t possible.


I’ve seen listings with variations as “old label” and “new label” so it should be possible.

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Try This…

When sellers release a newer model or versions of a product, Amazon will add a link or widget to the product detail page that can redirect the customer to the product detail page of the newer model. This is especially useful for customers when the older version is out of stock or has been discontinued.

In order to classify for a newer model, the product will require the same function, quantity, type, and style.

Note: These newer model relationships are not the same as the variation relationship. The variation products are fundamentally identical except for size or color.

New Version Widget


Example I’ve seen


How would Amazon classify this, though? If the product goes from non-organic certified to organic certified, wouldn’t that change the item’s style?

Thanks for the link directly to where to do this :+1:t2:

:rofl: I just sent an email to seller support asking how to connect the two different UPC codes to the same listing. :crossed_fingers:t2: Though I am not holding out much hope for a reply that helps me at all.

Basically you add your new item to the Amazon catalog then use that tool to add a link from the old version detail page to the new detail page.

I do not think it changes the “style”.
As long as you use the same product category & node, etc.
It should not be an issue.


I am trying to find a listing that uses this functionality on Amazon but I am not having any luck. Do you know if the reviews move over or is the new listing starting over?

Reviews do not move over. This is a new listing.

I wrote about the widget a while back on the OSFE - [Informative] For everyone wondering how to add (or remove) “New Versions” of a product to the old page


A new listing with a new UPC code will be starting over. The logic is that, if there are any problems with the old product or new product, the reviews stays with that version of the product. Think of it as a 2022 Ford Truck might have an issue that has been modified to correct in the 2023 Ford Truck … or … the newer 2023 Ford Truck has an issue that the older 2022 Ford Truck doesn’t have. Your item would follow the same logic.

We have seen what @Sundance has referred to but it is more likely to be an item that we have stumbled onto. So to find one you will need to think mainly of items that might be modified with updates yearly … as a Dell Computer, a TV or something like that.


I’ve seen one recently - trying to remember where.

I can assume the old fire stick listings have something like that (“newer version available”)

Thank you for all your help! As expected, Seller Support was absolutely useless. :rofl: They didn’t even understand what I was asking.