SAS After One Year

A year into SAS, here is where I’ve benefited (at a cost of about $25k for the year):

  1. IDQ score is 98.8%, so almost got that up to 100%. So we have definitely better optimized the listings.

  2. Our average conversion rate in 2022 was 9.2%, in 2023 we got it to 17%.

So improvement, now the overall affect… which is where this falls off the cliff:

  1. Revenue down 23% since joining SAS, because…
  2. Impressions dropped from 130k to 72k when comparing before and after.

So, got some work to do. Though did take advantage of the reports to better improve my pages and improve my scores internally, there was only negative consequence on the visible (my) side.

Cancelling SAS next month.

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Was the impression drop the well documented post-covid drop or was it more competition?

Or are your products showing their age?

Obviously it could be a combination of all of these factors.

Your conversion rate suggest a demand side problem.

there is definitely no tech race on my products. so that shouldn’t be a factor.

SAS is at a loss while I don’t have access to the free monthly deals that are provided by being part of SAS. While he says majority of my products should qualify, they can’t force a deal from being recommended, and there system refuses to recommend any ASINs for deals ever since I started paying attention.

A head scratcher on their part, with no solution.

On the post-Covid drop, maybe that too. We’ve been on tiny decline since 2020, but this was by far the largest drop. More (Chinese) competition, for sure. They also come with a ruthlessness and rule-breaking attitude that would have had me banned on day 1.

The only curve balls that make a yearly comparison hard are:

2022: We got the fake IP trademark complaint that removed a number of high margin ASINs from Mid November to early January (at which point the other brand pulled the complaint and said “joke’s on you”). This was painful, about as painful as:

2023: Our largest margin ASINs got yanked for about 60 days from end of March to early June for the “bamboo” verbage. Looking back we probably could have deleted the listings and did a file upload to have them back in a week, but that was the first task we put SAS on and they couldn’t do anything of value.

I’d say these two events should likely balance out on the revenue comparison.

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Thank you for the good G2 info.

To be clear “SAS” in context is the Amazon service. Not related to to the SAS, “Sellers Ask Sellers” forum.

Some people get confused with TLA’s “Three Letter Abbreviations” in today’s world.


Yep. Catches me just about every time (SAS). However, context quickly sorts it out.


This is one of the reasons why I typically use the ‘Amazonish’-internal (h/t to our friend @Brigitte weaning me away from my long-plied usage of ‘Amazonese’ in the same context) reference “SAS Core” in this forum, when referring to the paid program, and why I typically use “SAS/BSFE” to refer to the fora itself.


That might make 2 of us… I’m currently on a free month because I told them they sucked last month. LOL

I told my SAS manager about a review I wanted removed because it’s fake news and she says she can do it… I told her this is her test. We’re bouncing if it doesn’t get taken down. Here are the deets:

I just need 2 brand name changes made now that we were finally able to get a TM for our original brand now that Unisom’s “likelihood of confusion” mark died at the USPTO in Nov.

After SAS does that (they have done this for us before), I have no conceivable reason to keep the service…

I hate PPC but with an ACOS of $3.50 - $4 we can get like $9K in sales by dumping SAS and sinking that $ into advertising… Or I can put it in my pocket which I think I like better.

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Isn’t that insanely low? I thought most supplement brands’ customer acquisition cost is on average $30 for a $20 order.

With an ACOS that low you could be spending a LOT more in ads and actually make money on those sales.

Meant ROAS which sucks - oops. LOL

Nevertheless, our TACOS, including what we pay the guy to manage our campaigns is under 8%.


Yeah, I’m cancelling SAS. I am trying to adjust my ASIN listing now to the correct NODE ID and I just said to let me know whatever NODE (and I listed a few ASINs that sell the identical product) those are in and I want my ASIN there.

First, they can’t tell me what node that is, and they want me to tell them what NODE i want. I want that node, whatever it is. They want me to guess.

Nah, not worth it.


Heard. That’s exactly the type of value they are supposed to ADD. Not make more busy work for you.

It’s now my opinion that SAS managers are essentially in the same place as a seller when dealing with internal departments / people. It’s actually scary, like they don’t even work there.

They are powerless to do anything also. Sticking with the BS for a couple more months though to get some things done that we can’t do on our own like brand name changes / exceptions for premium A+ content, and a couple other things on my list.

There are very few things that you can get done with SAS except waste a lot of time and get aggravated like you are dealing with seller support BUT, there are things that they can do and they are very specific and cut and dry. Almost at the end of that list over here.

I can very easily pay for anxiety meds with the $ saved from bouncing from the program.