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Now that I finally reached my initial goal of 50 listings, I thought I’d check out Reports. Under “Your Top Search Keywords”, here are some head-scratchers, with the number of searches per term:

dice bags 4
purse 7
scrub caps 7
lamps 7

BTW, I make bead work jewelry.

What are your surprise search terms?

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I think those Keyword report are showing the words people have used in their search and if you have any of those individual words (not necessary the whole terms) in your title, keyword, etc, then your items showed up in their search results.

Wade’s rings showed up in my search of “quilting pattern”, because the word “pattern” was in his titles.

BTW, “Your Top Search Keywords” report only show the top 10 highest number words/terms, so after a while you don’t see the words/terms that have low number. Also it is defaulted on “All Time”, you can change it to “yesterday”, then check for each day.

Also, the word/terms you used in your own search will also show up in that report.

“Fake baked Goods”, I don’t think I have the word “Fake” or “Baked” mentioned with any of my items, pretty sure I didn’t use the word “Goods”, but maybe it was latching on to the word “Good”?

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When I click on reports, I don’t see “your top search keywords.” Do I need to sit until the listing have been there a little longer?

The nice thing about being first is there aren’t many products per each category.

When you click on reports, it brings up “Performance Overview” page, at the bottom of the page is the section of “Your top search keywords”

If you just listed first item today, you probably have to wait until tomorrow for anything to show up on “Performance Overview” page. You will have stats for Keywords, even if it was just yourself searching.


Think attribution window sort of skews the data which is why multiple data points are necessary when determining attribution.

Just a quick thought.

You can get to “Performance Overview” page (which has “Your top search keywords” on the bottom of the page) this way: Dashboard > “View All Stats” link:


I guess I have to wait until tomorrow. It says, “Unlock your business performance when you add listings.” I have listings, but maybe it doesn’t know that yet.

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I have neither “dice” nor “bags” anywhere at all, nor do I use the word “purse”. I really don’t know how someone got to my shop or a product with those search terms.

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Yep, found my keywords today. Out of 10 search terms, 5 were relevant.

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