See What Exact (Sub) Category a Listing Resides In?

Trying to get a sense of Node ID or just the Sub Category of some of the listings on Amazon.

Is there a way to do this? I was trying to go through source code to see if the ID pops up somewhere for the category node, but wasn’t sure.



Actually, how do I find out a NODE ID in any way?

SAS is asking for me to supply a NODE ID on a listing, but I can’t find any way to figure that out. I used to go to Add Products and I’d be able to get that number from creating a Template, but now it’s non-existent.

Not sure where I should be looking. I have a template file downloaded, and it has a browser tree, but no NODE ID.


@oneida_books - Any ideas here? If anyone would know here, it would be you for sure.



Try here …BTG’s and Inventory File Templates

Example Category > Home (BTG, Line 8)
Home & Kitchen/Bath/Bathroom Accessories/Bathroom Mirrors
Node ID: 13749901


Where did you find NODE ID in the template file?

While I couldn’t see what NODE IDs exact listings were under, I did the trick where I say I want to Add Product. Then search a keyphrase. Then hit the “Create New Listing” button on the left, which goes here

then type in the keyphrase again as the listing title, then Amazon suggests a browser category, which I changed and then said next. which creates this url:



that seemed to be the magic number

What they ask for, shouldn’t be quite so hidden or take so much work for a Seller. :unamused:

We should have access to that info easily and quickly, and be able to sort our data with that field, if interested.


At one time, long ago and far away, the Editorial Team took time to revise the ‘Refinements’ worksheet of the BTGs (‘Amazonish/Amazonese’ for Browse Tree Guide"), which is almost-certainly why Rob recommended looking at those workbooks.

The 2019 launch of the ongoing PT (Product Types and Attributes) Initiative (and the havoc wreaked by its later corollaries, the Attribute Harmonization & Size Normalization Initiatives) pretty much put paid to even trying to keep up.

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I’m having a sick day … so forgive me for not explaining further, or better.

So your item-type keyword - pet-waste-bags

This time I downloaded the Pet Supplies BTG from the page I referenced.

I went to the 2nd tab and did a find on - pet-waste-bags

Line 360 and in column “A” - 3052413011

I spent a lot more time writing this post than it took me to get that.



Feel better Rob and thanks for jumping in here. I knew you would know. :blush:

Lots of weird things going around making people very sick for a very long time (weeks). Been hearing about this the last 2 weeks from multiple people I work with.


Ahh, I missed the lower table entirely on that page. I left chasing another link before I got to that.

Awesome! Thank you.


Ryan, I hope you’ll pardon me for taking this off on a different tangent, but I just saw a mod-pinned NSFE discussion pertaining to an upcoming “Ask Amazon” event that I suspect you might have some interest in seeing:

Find out more about textile bamboo compliance at an Ask Amazon event on January 18 (link)


Oh nice. Thanks for the heads up.

I’d like to think I’m dialed in…

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