Seems like the homepage "sales" numbers are now decoupled from the SKU level sales numbers

I’ve noticed this a week or two ago, and it seems like this “change” is here to stay.

It used to be that homepage sales and the SKU sales chart (the one you access by clicking a SKU in the inventory screen) were both from midnight to midnight pacific time.

Now the homepage sales is still pacific time, but the SKU sales chart is from midnight to midnight eastern time.

Are you in Eastern Time Zone?

Maybe Amazon is finally going to report things in the time zone your business is in and SKU chart is the first phase of the transition (test to see if they can do it and get it right).

The biggest challenge in this would be having the Amazon emails being reported in your time zone verses what the customer is seeing in their time zone verses what a seller support person is seeing in their time zone …

Maybe it will be an improvement … maybe it won’t …

Fun Facts

The modern version of Russian Roulette is called Amazon Roulette.

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I think it’s a glitch and it’s annoying. Typical delay in reporting that we’ve seen countless times.

It amazes me that this isn’t on the NSFE at all. Totals have been delayed all week and much of last week. Everything is good / accurate from 12AM PST to 9AM PST and then the glitch happens like clockwork. There’s ~90 min delay.

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Ahhhh … the start of the workday for the programmers on the west coast … after they had played around all day, the system resets itself at midnight …

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