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There is a feature that allows sellers to have their listings copied and then go live in other marketplaces (such as Canada and Mexico). I would like to use this feature as it may help increase my sales for the year; however, the problem that I’m having is that when the listings get copied, they don’t go active at all. Only one of my listings managed to be active in the Mexico marketplace.

Does anyone have experience with this feature? Much help is appreciated! Thank you.

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Do you get an error message, or do they just sorta sit there? :thinking:


I do, the default is on. Though I was onboarded by an Amazon employee when it first started 8-9 years ago? Mine automatically populates even if I don’t want it to.

But wait there is more!

My opinion based on the paths I have traveled follows, others may agree, disagree. So may you.


Just don’t do it. We sold on our own brand websites in Mexico well before we launched on Amazon.

The issue is if you list in Mexico on the .mx website you must send your item DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) to the customer. Now the only/best way to do this is DHL. DHL will bill you in a few weeks or months for the duty. You will never know what it is until you get the bill.

Amazon wants you to use delivery methods to Mexico that are going to make it, and you know they are going to make it, into the hands of the customer. Forget about using a cost effective service like the USPS.

Fraud is rampant, product lost, INR, government and customs “loss of goods” is well over 50 percent in our experiences. If it does get to the customer, they will do an A-Z on Amazon, or a Chargeback on Amazon or your website 25 percent of what gets through.

All that said, we did get some good customers in Mexico on our own websites. 100% of the few orders we got on Amazon failed. And were not sustainable due to the shipping costs.

On our own websites, the customer will call us, we will turn on Mexico for shipping, they will order, we will turn it off. Something in no way you can do on Amazon.

I do not know the size of the market in Mexico, I do know it is smaller than Canada.

Be aware, all of South of America is this way.


So this is different. But know it is 10% the size of the US Amazon marketplace. We did sell in Canada for 3-4 years. It was ok, we only did low value high margin products. Sell price $10-40 USD.

Why? The USPS and customs looks the other way on Duty. Up to a point. We never found that point on Amazon, on our own websites different brands, that are higher priced, inbound fees for Duty and Taxes were a killer. You were presented a bill way after the deal was done.

We shut down Canada, due to the failure of Canada Post when COVID hit. They could not get items to the customers. 80% INR complaints, or delivered late. Then the bad feedback comes in.

Went on vacation mode for Canada we may go back one day but it was less than 5% of our Amazon sales.


Just to be clear I’m doing FBA and not FBM. The remote fulfillment option supposed to copy my listing and use the inventory in the US to fulfill orders outside of the country. My issue is that those listings that were copied just say Inactive even though I have stock in the US.

@Image Are you doing FBA or FBM?

We do both. However, there is a third, where Amazon fulfills your orders from US stock are you talking about that?

In the case of MX and Canada, I was talking about pure FBM. We did look at FBA to Canada, as in shipping product up to them but the costs, and time setting up our exporter and broker exceeded our expected profits. Our FBM sales proved that true.


I echo the advice about Mexico. Or only use DHL – at least you have a small chance the buyer will get it.

A real life anecdote.

When my brother retired he followed his dream and he and his wife lived aboard their sailboat for several years. He spent quite a lot of time in Mexico in various ports (avoiding the cruise ship and touristy ports).

He said the only trouble he ever had with the Mexican people was that they were so eager and anxious to help that someone who spoke absolutely no English would pretend to understand and give you directions based on best guess.

He needed a part shipped. He asked several people at the port (port authorities and business owners) about best way to have it sent – could he use their address for shipping destination?

All advice was the same – yes, of course he could use their address – but DON’T DO THIS

They were unanimous in their opinion that he would never receive it.

He ended up having a fellow cruiser bring the part.


Ah okay. I’m strictly FBA and I was trying to take a shot at doing this since Amazon now offers this thing where they are doing the shipping for you for a fair price. Even after doing the calculations, the margins are still pretty good for my part. For whatever reason, only one listing I own managed to convert properly over into another country (Mexico). If you have experience with setting up the remote connection properly, I’m all ears for it.

Ok, so it is the international program where they take product from your stock in a US Fulfillment Center and send it to Canada or Mexico.

Announced in the last half year. We are doing that, seen possibly 10 sales with no revenue, all consumed by expenses. Though it is so small related to other parts of our business, I have not even looked at the details.

Since we are auto opted in with any new launch, we do several a week, I do not have a solution to turning on international items. Most that came to the old forums were looking to shut down CA and MX.

I am sure someone exists here in the new forum that has the answer. @admins may know. (Note, just trying the admins tag I just found by accident.)


I just wanna add that I trust what Image is saying…

He’s never steered anyone wrong over the years.

Me? Nope, ain’t doing it. too complicated too.


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FBA Export - Sore subject for me today… Amazon yanked our international listings yesterday. What we sell, shouldn’t have been sold in those countries anyway (considered drugs) but they finally caught on. Big loss for us. Sucks…

It was Amazon’s mistake, not ours that those listings were up in those countries but we took advantage of it. We weren’t the only supplements of this specific type that were available. Even some of Amazon’s 1P listings were and still are…

They have been slowly pulling them 1 by 1 and once they go, they never come back although I may try and turn Export off for a week (because it doesn’t matter anyway) and then turn it back on to see what happens. The items are still eligible (no import restrictions) but the countries that matter to us have been pulled on the backend I guess.