Seller buys their own item

Seller likes to buy their own product and got the wrong product.

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I bought a variation of my own product and received the other one


Hi forum. I can’t find any information about this issue.

Thing is that when the products arrive wearhouse and are available to buy, I like to buy an item to check the product by my self and confirm it is ok.

Currently I have 2 variations of my product, I bought 1 variation and what I received was the another variation, Ex: I bought 5 layer organizer and received the 6 layer item.

What can I do to confirm and validate my products variations? Support team could help or verify it?

I have confirmed that I sent the correct labels to the supplier, my concern now is if the supplier stick the labels correctly. But I want to find another possible situation with this issue and fix by my side, anyway the supplier can’t do anything to solve it.


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Is this normal ? I can still click on it and it works.

I get an error when I try copying and pasting this:

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I just don’t get this, when you try to buy your own product you can not buy your own product. How can this seller buy his/her own product?


Well you could have control over your supply chain, but this is what happens when the seller never touches the item they are selling.

Buying blindly off of Alibaba and sending directly to Amazon is never a good idea


No rule against multiple buyer accounts and only one will be barred from buying your own item.

I suspect @Pepper_Thine_Angus has identified the poster’s motivation.

Expletive that seller.

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You can use an unrelated buyer account.

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The OP even said they purchased it from their buyer account, not someone else’s.

Doesn’t mean their buyer account is linked to their seller account though.

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That has to be the explanation, or as you mentioned, they have 2 buyer accounts because doesn’t one have to be linked?

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We do not have a buyer account linked to our seller’s account. Guess we are old school thinking as we do not commingle business and personal accounts. Since our buying on Amazon is 99.5% personal items, we have a separate account for buying. Email, address, phone number and credit card used are all different between the two accounts. We had our buying account before we set up a selling account … 12+ years with both and never an issue.

Since we are FBM, there would be no need to do a quality check buy of our own products. We image that we could do a test buy but why step in front of the rattle snake and take such a risk?

@Pepper_Thine_Angus is most likely correct in why the OP would want to do this.

That is interesting; I thought that buyer accounts were automatically connected to the seller account; there have been multiple posts of sellers closing their buying account, which then locks them out of their seller account. I suppose it all comes down to what email you have your accounts set up under.

They are automatically linked per main admin email on sellercentral.

However, you can simply start a new buyer account with separate credentials and aren’t limited to keeping the linked buyer account.

Had this issue long ago and decided to create a separate buyer account and never used the linked account again.

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I have 2 buyer accounts on Amazon

One personal set up long before I became a seller and one business that was added when I was a seller.

The e-mails are different.

It makes it easier for me to keep business and personal purchases seperate.

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Did you respond to his question ‘What is the correct way to evaluate the products that the buyers are purchasing?’

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Amazon kicked some of us off the forums for being too mean, but questions like this just beg for a snarky reply. :grimacing:


NEVERLAST covered that!! :laughing:

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:man_facepalming: Yeah, that’s frowned on. As Section 3 Violation, Sales Rank Manipulation. Punishable by Revocation of Selling Privileges and/or death and dismemberment.

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And to think, I thought the Forum issues were bad, now they can do this! :scream: