Seller says account disappeared?

Was talking with a business “friend” this morning who said her account simply " disappeared". I have read this happening a few times on some of the facebook group lists but never followed through to see what the outcome .
She claims to be a $5M a year seller and went to log in and cannot access this account.
As we know SS is absolutely no help.
She tried the retail side and they don’t even see her orders. The account literally disappeared.

She’s tried emailing the “jeff” address but has had no response (still active?)
I “suggested” that one of the 3P services she’s using had someone internally hijack the account but she’s not buying it. Any thoughts or suggestions I can offer from our super experienced family here?

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Jeff still works AFAIK.

Yeah, she needs to do a top to bottom audit of who has access to her account and start questioning who did what actions and when.


thought so but wasn’t sure.

Claims A2X is a company she has used in the past. I have no knowledge of them nor would I understand why you would give an accounting firm access to your seller account? I suggested that someone did in fact hijack in some way. Denies VA of any way. Phone number on the account is now India. Wondering if it was an inside job?

oh and of course can’t access the NEW and improved seller forum to see if one of the well trained experienced moderators couuld offer assistance because she’s completely locked out of her account which AMZ says doesn’t exist. Happ Friday I guess.

Giant red flag.

5m account and it sounds like they were maybe mostly hands off?

Maybe the email was changed, but that takes a LOT of effort (Please tell me they weren’t using a gmail/yahoo/hotmail as the primary for a 5m account!)

Also sounds like maybe they had 2 factor disabled??


Every time I read this acronym I cant help but read it in gilbert gottfried’s voice.

YES email was changed.
AMZ is saying no account exists.
The orders that were placed also disappeared.

I’m questioning the $'s reported I’m on the end of this building and I call our front desk representative “Mrs. Kravitz” (for us old enough to remember who she was) so I can tell you what I see and others see there’s not even 1/3 of the volume leaving there that leaves here either FBA or FBM.
I spent some time at her office this morning trying to log her in , changed browsers, restarted computers, cleared cache, all the things we think to do. Absolutely nothing works.

This is just accounting reconciliation software for amazon/ecomm that feeds data into accounting software - we used to use it but stopped - now only QBO

If the email is changed she is done

She may need a REAL lawyer to send communication to Amazon to get attention fast

EDIT, Not an Amazon “lawyer”


that was my suggestion but wanted to pick the brains of the best and brightest here :slight_smile:


Jeff may take weeks to respond and still be generic.

Jeff’s email works, but because of abuse it seems to be standard Seller Support now

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I remember how wonderful they were to me on two difficult instances. Quickly responded, solved the problem immediately. Sad that our last opportunity for real assistance has evaporated.

And can’t pm the good mods anymore.

I wish I had an answer for your friend

your answer was the right answer.
Get an attorney to contact Amazon to get their attention.
I think most of us know there’s no other way to get help, at least with an issue this serious.
Appreciate your input, as always.

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On the OSFE I was called mean for saying what I just said!

Just sayin! lol

Lawyers get Amazon’s attention!


Jeff@ is 5-7 days min. and often longer.

And in addition I would use this page to contact Amazon: Amazon


Thanks Oneida I’ll pass that along.

she said she can’t log into seller central at all . and that page would direct her to a seller central page. I’ll send the link to see if it can work for her. Thanks again

Yikes. When you get to that volume SAS is a necessary evil.

This issue would have been fixed in a day or less.

Good luck to her. Sounds like a nightmare.


A few pieces of the story aren’t lining up although I do believe her account has disappeared.
Phone number is in India
Email address completely changed.
Obviously gave access to the wrong person/people.

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