Seller Support CHAT is Back!?

I wonder if you get the option only after a certain # of Amazon responses that DON’T close the case. (6 in this case)

So this is how it’s going down…

Freddy: Hello, My name is Freddy and I am a case management specialist. Due to the current experience in your case, it has been escalated to our dedicated team. I will be further assisting you with it today.
Thank you for contacting us, may I have the case ID please?

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So after x attempts of failing, 1st level gets locked out and your offered this?

Step in the right direction I guess.

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Me: ok I haven’t seen CHAT in support in many many years. Is this new?

Freddy: Yes, is new

Me: cool. Ok thank you for keeping the case open… we’ll see the results on Monday.

Freddy: I am not keeping the case open

We acn’t


Just write us through chat if need it and we will review

Me: oh, so it will take 6+ responses before the chat feature shows again, if I need to make a new case?

Freddy: No, your case is already in the program

Me: or will the chat feature always be an option?

Freddy: you just need to write here if need it after the re creation of the file

Chat will be an option

after how many case responses do you get a chat option?

I like this.

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So were they actually able to help you with anything from the chat?


Loading it up now. WIll let you know.

This would be a dangerous feature for me… With Seller Support frustration I have a feeling I would lose my cool on chat… LOL

I’ve written some pretty interesting things in cases before and erased it before I hit send.


Poor Alex, I almost feel bad

You know, Alex is actually being very helpful. OR at least attempting to be helpful.

I give this feature an A+.

So it will be gone next week.


Do y’all think Freddie and Alex are real live actual people? :robot:

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Have to be real, no chat bot can be that thick.

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