Seller Verification - How to update Primary Contact DOB

My account failed verification. Says DOB does not match Primary contact DOB.

I have tried for hours to find where to update this, but have failed.

Any suggestions?

That sounds like an issue of the uploading of the Drivers License or Passport.
You might have entered the info incorrectly to what is shown on the image.

I don’t think you can just change one thing. I think you have to re-upload the entire verification.

After failing verification you get notice one of failure - you have to wait for notice 2 until you’re allowed to make corrections and yes you can reupload just one piece and edit information as needed. Remember to hit save after you do - which I think was an unnecessary confusing step before hitting submit

So again you go to the identity section once you receive the second notification from amazon titled “Please update your Amazon selling account information” then edit information as needed

Make sure to hit “Save” before submitting.

To be clear, everything I submitted was correct (yes i double-checked).

Amazon’s message "Why is this happening?
The document that you provided as a proof of identity is not acceptable for the following reason:

– The date of birth that you entered in Seller Central when you registered your account does not match the date of birth in the identity document. Update the date of birth in Seller Central to match the date of birth in the identity document."

So they specifically are telling me to “Update the date of birth in Seller Central”

Its possible that the DOB on the account is wrong, but I cannot figure out where to change or even check that.

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Ah, this is slightly different then since they’re asking you to match seller central information. No chance they told you how. LOL

Open a case or call account health (no clue if account health is back up as for the past few days - they’ve been unreachable)


IKR that would have been just too easy…

Yeah, I did open a case, more of a hail-mary attempt. Was hoping to figure it out before that was necessary, but oddly enough they seem to really hide this information.

Thanks for the input!

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The only time Amazon has seen our birth date would have been on the Drivers License re-verification upload.

That is as weird as us seeing that our business name, business address and business phone had been changed to our personal name, personal address and cell phone.

This whole process has been riddle with problems.


I am tempted to just resubmit even though the DOB on the license and what was entered was 100% correct with each other.

Somebody could have just messed that up.

Awww shucks. Yeah I looked under tax info as well. Its a scoobie level mystery. I have a case open and a NSFE thread open. We will see.