[sellerbasics] SELLERS BEWARE: Watch those Barbie listings!

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AMAZON SELLERS BEWARE: Watch those Barbie listings! Sellers are creating listings with all kinds of incorrect brand names for Barbie items. Mattel is issuing IP claims, and Amazon is issuing Suspected IP claims. ALWAYS check the brand and manufacturer fields from the buyer side before jumping onto a listing. #amazonipclaims #amazonsellers #amazonresellers #amazonfba #sellerbasics


This is honestly some of the best Amazon advice I’ve ever seen. Not sure it’s said enough.

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This poor woman has been getting cease and desist demands left and right, and it is just her NAME!

I got my granddaughter the Barbie Camper and the Barbie Science Lab, and we played “Barbie Breaking Bad”. She asked me why there was no pregnant Barbie or daughter for Barbie, and I explained that is was because Ken always came in a another box.

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