Selling on KDP

Does anyone sell/publish on KDP? What are the pros/cons? We publish our own books (hard and soft cover if that matters) and were wondering if it was worth it to list on Kindle/KDP.

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Depends on what it is. Depends on the format you are using so that you can determine how much work is going to be needed to create the ebook in their format.

There are a lot of sellers who are selling their ebooks when they sell at $.99.

There are a lot of sellers who are using the Kindle Unlimited Program and getting less that sale yields.

There are many sellers using guru generated methods to generate sales because there are no organic sales.

There are restrictions on what you may do on other ebook stores which compete with Kindle.

It comes down to how much do you think the Kindle readership will want your book, and how much will it cost to find out.