Selling warranties?

Is selling warranties a thing?

I mean after 30 day “return policy” they really don’t need to do anything.

Looks so scammy.

The one review seems to sum it up.

Can I sell tarot card readings? :money_mouth_face:

Sure, big thing, every item I buy at a big box store, I will not name them. Unless the checkout person knows me they hit me with them.

At least there you are dealing with a entity, a facility, a company, you can hold accountable.

This has to be so against the terms of service at Amazon.

Hell, they will not even let us claim a warranty on our products. Yet anyone that contacts us ever, about a failure of an item we manufacture and distribute, they are taken care of.

Not allowed in Bullets, not allowed in Text, not allowed in Title, not allowed in A+ content.

Yet this is allowed?

I was reading one that says 24 hours AFTER purchase you’ll get an email of what the plan covers.

So you buy it without knowing the terms?

“You’ll be covered for 2 days after a lunar eclipse in the year the Jets win the Super Bowl” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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