Seriously, will this ever end?

Can OA continue?

by creastor23 minutes ago

OA sellers usually purchase discounted products from shopping platforms such as Wal-Mart and Belk, and sell them on Amazon. Generally only receipts can be provided and not invoices. Recently, I have seen some situations on the forum. Amazon seems to be more and more inclined to require product invoices and require brand or dealer authorization. The risk of selling accounts seems to be there. I really want to ask everyone, can OA or RA continue? What should be the correct posture?

From one of the comments;

Not OA or RA, despite the numerous youtube, facebook…posters is not allowed anymore.

However, it is on the internet, so it must be true!


Not openly. It has always been around under bridges and in dark alleys of totalitarian states. But for a brief moment in history, it was proud in the open.

Thankfully, it is going back where it belongs.

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So now they want to post this:


In reply to: TVOI50’s post

hey guys, listen to the amazon seller with 1 feedback in the last 12 months (that is a negative) and 11 lifetime feedback. I’m sure they know everything!

Really!?!?! We are doing just fine thanks!


He’s mastered the art of getting negative feedbacks struck through.

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I saw that as well-some people are so delusional about the direction Amazon is heading.

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S/he’s always been a cantankerous sort - remember the 7Dec2020 change to VEGANS_ARE_CLOWNS in a long exchange of unpleasantries w/ the former VegAnimal_Apparel (who also changed, to northtosouthfatty)?

We have a long running ‘feud’ with ‘Mr. It’s Not POLICY’ about RA. I have accumulated a number of posts from the MODS saying that RA is forbidden, as well as others stating that receipts will not work, invoices are required, and so on.

I get replies from him stating that the MODS are WRONG (of course) and back to the policy thing.

It is not written in stone in policy but it is hinted at which is what Amazon is excellent at doing. It gives them total flexibility to deal with irritating sellers that continue to push the boundaries and skate close to the lines. It becomes a Foghorn Leghorn situation eventually.

I may be delusional but I have the distinct feeling that the MODS are driving the situation on Amazon by making statements outlining what is and is not permitted. They might be (my opinion) actually be creating the ‘new improved’ policies.

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And another Comment…

Glad you know so many sellers that do OA, which was acceptable 100+ years ago.

IQ test for Amazon sellers please. Or at least a history class.

In 1977 we worked on the Arpanet, it started in 1969. The predecessor to the internet, that would be 54 years ago, so Online Arbitrage could not have existed 100 years ago.

Now in 1982 the “Boston Computer Exchange” opened and ran until 1995. This is recorded as the first online eCommerce business.

In 1992 we wrote a BBS (Bulletin Board System) with a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface I guess Online Arbitrage would have been possible with that. Still 31 years ago, not 100 years.

So not “OA acceptable 100 years ago.” Actual FACT based on history, it was not possible 100 years ago. Technology did not exist for Online Arbitrage.


Not forbidden but definitely not advisable these days especially for new sellers.
Risky for sure.

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well there is a lot of stuff on phub which is non-fiction - all true - so there is that :person_shrugging:

Damn, I should know better. Did not know what that was so typed it in to my browser. Now another thing I have to explain. Even the OSF caught me on this with proving links to products of similar nature on Amazon.

Waiting for the Google Ads, and other promos that will show up in my companies social media streams.


What online meant 100 years ago…

Technically, OA was possible but due to the limited pool of insane customer, very nice

you’re welcome :slight_smile: