Service Unavailable

At 4:02PM, Pacific time, I’m in the midst of handling orders, when I get a screen telling me in multiple languages that the service is unavailable.

Anyone else seeing this?


I’m glad it’s not just me! the app isn’t working for me either.


Ditto here in Colorado.


At 4:10 PM, downdetector shows a spike like this:


No issues here - NYC

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Seattle area working fine.

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Looks good here. California.

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It’s back up now, here in southern California.

As I have opined before, selling on Amazon is like dealing with a junkie. You have to keep your eyes open, or they will steal from you. They habitually lie to you, seemingly without remorse. When you confront them about the lies, they tell you it is for your own good.

And when you are away for a while, check everything upon return.

Now that sellercentral is back up, I checked everything as soon as I could. And in true junkie fashion, they did change something without telling me. I had become subscribed to selling in Brazil in the past half hour.

I am now vacationing in Brazil.