Setting maximum order quantity for FBA stock

Can anyone tell me how to set maximum order quantity for my FBA stock? I want to set a limit of 2 per customer.

No trouble at the moment with my brand registered product, but would like to prevent prevent a competitor of similar items from locking up my FBA stock.

Was FBM only from 2021 until recently and never had to worry about this. FBA in the last 2 months.

Perhaps I’m overlooking something but I cannot find anything about this on SAS or SC.

I look forward to your replies.


May I ask if you see the “Maximum Order Quantity” setting on any of the 'tabs shown in the MYI (‘Amazonese’ for “Manage Inventory” - formerly “Manage Your Inventory,” hence the acronym Amazon still uses) Editor function?

The location of such a setting does vary somewhat, depending upon the over-arching Category to which your Offer-Listing’s ASIN belongs, but in my experience it’s fairly common in many categories for it to appear on the “Offer” tab.

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As noted by @Dogtamer this may float around in the page sometimes.

This is what I get when I scroll down my ‘edit’ page for inventory – set the max quantity to whatever number you would like to use.


I found it on ‘offer’ then attributes, then selected ‘all attributes’

This is a great community! Thank you very much!


Do remember that if anyone wanted to buy 10, they could just create 5 separate orders for 2 each.

That limit won’t stop that scenario and you could end up missing out on opportunities where you make people mad that wanted 3 or more and they walk because of it.

Personally never understood why anyone would want to limit their sales.

Takes me back 15 years to the CFO of Nature’s Bounty who owns Puritan’s Pride. They used to limit their qty’s as well.

Then the CFO found out about it and announced the following in a manager and up meeting in our corporate auditorium:

“Any policy that limits sales is no longer policy” :rofl:


I don’t limit my order quantity, either. If I run out in FBA, I immediately switch to FBM.


I have had issues with bad actors placing orders to tie up inventory. Having a lower limits makes it harder for them to tie up as much inventory as they can only spam so many orders.

I had an incident a few months ago with an item that had an order limit of 5 where some hijackers in china were tying up like 2 - 300 units / day. I changed the limit to 1 temporarily and the total unit quantity of the fraudulent orders dropped to 1/5th. And because they were spamming so many orders Amazon’s systems were catching on and canceling them within a few hours. Had a previous incident where someone placed a single order on something for several hundred units and it tied up the entire inventory for a week. After that I set unit limits on everything.


I’m sure this would really depend on what you sell. I don’t sell consumables or single use products. If I did, I wouldn’t put a limit on them.

I do put a limit because 99% of the time that I got orders with more than 2 per order, they would be returned. Returns are a normal part of business but when multiples are returned at much, much higher rates, it just makes sense to limit them. It’s not about inventory or stock issues, it’s all about returns for me.